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Christina Applegate Googles Dentist

OK, folks… it’s 12:30am, and I can’t help myself.  I’ve been inspired.  I’ve gotta blog! One of Jay Leno’s guests tonight is Christina Applegate.  And, the first thing they talked about was her very recent emergency dental treatment.  Without further … Continue reading

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You Meet the Nicest People on the Internet

Even today, I hear dentists doubting the value of website marketing of a dental practice.   Most commonly, the objection is based on a perception that you wouldn’t get “quality” patients through a website.  My experience has been quite the opposite.  … Continue reading

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Stuff Happens – Is It (in the) Safe?

Another quickie post here.  A recent news story about a home invasion inspired this post.  See the news video after the jump. I’m obviously an advocate of our rights protected by the 2nd Amendment (and the rest of them).  I … Continue reading

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It’s My Mouth!

This will be a relatively short post.  But, I wanted to get it out while it was fresh in my head. This week, I had a new patient come in for a Six Month Smiles consultation.  This patient was a … Continue reading

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Life-changing Dentistry

To say dentists don’t get much glory in the popular media is a massive understatement.  Rather, we get the opposite of glory.  There have been dozens of TV shows and movies glamorizing the medical profession.  In the off-chance a dentist … Continue reading

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Pulling Fellow Dentists Out From Under the Bus

This week’s schedule was literally cleared for my dad’s long overdue full mouth reconstruction.  I’ll eventually post a case presentation, as it’s a “doozie!”  I spent four full days treating only my dad.  But, I did squeeze in some emergencies … Continue reading

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A Seat-belt for the Real World

This guy puts out some thought-provoking videos about the 2nd Amendment and self-defense.  He put this one out a few weeks ago, but I just came across it. This is a succinct and well-reasoned testimonial for concealed carry.   What … Continue reading

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Confidence. Swagger. Success!

No doubt confidence breeds trust.  Those who are confident usually go further in life.  Things go their way.  They make things happen. Dentists, as a group, seem to lack confidence.  It’s not true of every dentist, of course.  However, it’s … Continue reading

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No such thing as bad publicity? Really?

I’m not so sure! Consider getting some feedback from folks who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth before publishing videos or photos that may not look as good as you think! Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2013 The Dental Warrior®

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When a Toothache Isn’t a Toothache – Being a “Real” Doctor

My friend and fellow dental blogger, Dr. Alan Mead just posted a great article, Don’t just do something, sit there!.  In it, he discusses a particular emergency patient he saw recently with whom he couldn’t yet identify a dental issue. … Continue reading

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