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Knock off the “Knockout Game!”

These sub-human, mentally-defective pieces of shit should be brought up on attempted murder and murder (in those cases that end that way).  How’s that for an opening sentence?   Watch the news clip video below.  This “game” is actually not new.  … Continue reading

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The Intricacies of Armed Self-Defense

I just came across this very interesting and excellent article about the legal maze of armed self-defense: Hot Bullets, Cold Truth – How to prepare for the investigators, lawyers, revenge seekers and media hounds after shooting an attacker in self-defense <—Link … Continue reading

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Newbie Shooters! So Much Fun!

One of the things I enjoy most about gun ownership is taking a “newbie” to the range for the first time.  Sharing the experience is a big part of the fun for me. There are a LOT of misconceptions and … Continue reading

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The Police Will NOT (necessarily) Save You

Many people conduct their lives under the DELUSION that they will be kept “safe” by law enforcement personnel.  They incorrectly believe that the police will save them in the event they are in trouble.  Worse, they think it’s the JOB … Continue reading

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Surviving is a Science

With today’s bad news coming at the speed of internet, we hear a lot more about tragic accidents, acts of violence, and natural disasters.  While it may seem that these incidents are increasing in frequency (due to increased media coverage), … Continue reading

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The ONLY Way to Stop a “Mass Shooter” Is….

This is MrColionNoir’s best rant, yet!  I thought it was worth sharing.  His commentary should simply be considered common sense.

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CNBC: America’s Gun – Post-op Analysis

So, here’s my “post-op analysis” (for my dentoid friends) or my “AAR” ( aka “after action review” for the people of the gun) of my appearance in Thursday night’s airing of CNBC’s documentary, “America’s Gun – The Rise of the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Florida Outdoors, Exercising Our American Rights

Take a day off!  Do something you enjoy but don’t do enough. I took the day off from the practice and had a play date yesterday with my patient and friend on his private gun range.  This is WAY out … Continue reading

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CNBC Show Announcement!

I just got an email from the senior producer that the CNBC show about the AR-15 will air on Thursday, April 25th at 10pm ET / PT!  He also told me that my interview made the final cut.  Very cool! … Continue reading

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CNBC Comes-a-Knockin’

When the media comes-a-knockin’, this dentist will be rockin’! A couple of weeks ago, I got an interesting email.  It was from a producer at CNBC.  He wanted to know if I would be interested in appearing on a CNBC … Continue reading

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