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Radio Interview with Shirley Gutkowski, RDH

Recently, Dental Hygienist Extraordinaire Shirley Gutkowski asked me to be on her online podcast about hobbies.  You might guess what we talked about.  🙂 It was a lot of fun chatting with Shirley about gun ownership, recreational shooting, and gun … Continue reading

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CNBC: America’s Gun – Post-op Analysis

So, here’s my “post-op analysis” (for my dentoid friends) or my “AAR” ( aka “after action review” for the people of the gun) of my appearance in Thursday night’s airing of CNBC’s documentary, “America’s Gun – The Rise of the … Continue reading

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Reminder! Tonight Is My CNBC Appearance!

This promo is hot off the presses!  I’m pleasantly surprised that they kept some of my comments (that I was sure would end up on the cutting room floor)! Copyright protected by Digiprove © 2020 The Dental Warrior®

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A Day in the Florida Outdoors, Exercising Our American Rights

Take a day off!  Do something you enjoy but don’t do enough. I took the day off from the practice and had a play date yesterday with my patient and friend on his private gun range.  This is WAY out … Continue reading

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CNBC Show Announcement!

I just got an email from the senior producer that the CNBC show about the AR-15 will air on Thursday, April 25th at 10pm ET / PT!  He also told me that my interview made the final cut.  Very cool! … Continue reading

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Which Gun Should I Get?

Choosing A Self-defense Gun I get emails and private messages on Facebook nearly every week asking, “Which gun should I get?”  So, this is a blog article that’s been in progress for quite a while.  I finally got around to … Continue reading

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Why Armed Self-defense?

I’ve been meaning to write about this and cover it in as much detail as I can.  Armed self-defense is not a topic that can be covered in a short article.  So, I’m going to break it down into multiple … Continue reading

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