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“Can I trust my dentist?” How Would You Answer?

Just this morning, I got this email via my practice website: My 20 year old daughter had a filling come out (tooth 12).  She needed root canal.  They referred her out even though all the dentist do that procedure in … Continue reading

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Roll the Bones – Tell Insurance Companies to FOAD

The following is from a thread on Dentaltown.  It has been suggested that dentists should file a class action lawsuit against dental insurance companies for “coercing them into accepting low fees or reimbursement.”  In the thread, several dentists share their … Continue reading

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Another Delta Dental State Bites the Dust!

Last April I ranted… I mean blogged… about the 15% cut in fees by the state of Washington’s Delta Dental plan.  In it I said Washington was the beach head of this war.  I predicted that other states would follow … Continue reading

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