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The Inevitable Death of the American Dental Association

I’ve had this discussion online (Dentaltown) a number of times.  I’ve also discussed it with local colleagues who remain active in the ADA. A bit of history, first.  I joined the ADA while in dental school.  I remained a member … Continue reading

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This Is What “Organized Dentistry” Thinks Is Good Marketing!?!?

I’ve long been a critic of so-called “organized dentistry” (American Dental Association) at the national, state, and local levels.  And, hoo-boy, do they lob up easy targets for me!  This is an ad recently created by my state’s dental association.  … Continue reading

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Molar City – Poster Child for the Political Narrative

Los Algodones, Mexico…. a tiny town with 600 dentists known as “Molar City,” has become the poster child for what some believe “ails” our “dental care system.”  Molar City is the Mecca of “cheap dentistry.”  Pardon all the quotation marks.  … Continue reading

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The ADA “Values” My Opinion

Last night, I received an email with a link to a survey from the ADA.  Their records show I’m not a member and they want my input.  It was obvious they are becoming concerned about declining membership.   The questions … Continue reading

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The Thriving Dentist Show!

My friend and dental practice consultant extraordinaire, Gary Takacs, has a podcast called, “The Thriving Dentist.”  He publishes a new show about every week and has a guest to discuss issues that affect all of us in dental practice.  It … Continue reading

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Why Can’t the ADA Be More Like the NRA?

I’ve been a member of both.  I’m now only a member of one… the NRA.  I quit the ADA several years ago.  I recognize that some of my readers may not identify or agree with the NRA, in particular.  But, … Continue reading

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The ADA… Is Watching Me… They See My Every Move

With a hat tip to Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes.” Today was an interesting day.  I had two new patients that came to me via my website.  I always ask how they found me, my site, and why they chose … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Take Medicaid, If They Paid Double My Fees – Here’s Why

I remember this case from many years ago.  Dr. Leonard Morse of Brooklyn, NY was wrongfully accused of Medicaid fraud by then Attorney General (and now disgraced on multiple levels) Elliot Spitzer.  It took nearly seven years for Dr. Morse … Continue reading

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The ADA Finally Chimes in About Brain Tumor Study

American Dental Association ≠ Testicular Fortitude I admit to being surprised that the normally spineless group of eunuchs that make up the ADA leadership stood up to this abjectly flawed study.  Sort of.  The ADA effectively points out the issues … Continue reading

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Groupon Is Fee-splitting. The ADA chimes in.

Back in January, I wrote an article on the blog about Groupon.  Among the many issues I discussed was the rather thorny issue of fee-splitting.  There are state and federal laws against fee-splitting in healthcare. I just became aware of … Continue reading

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