The ADA Finally Chimes in About Brain Tumor Study

American Dental Association ≠ Testicular Fortitude

I admit to being surprised that the normally spineless group of eunuchs that make up the ADA leadership stood up to this abjectly flawed study.  Sort of.  The ADA effectively points out the issues with the “study” in the online statement they released.

But, where is the ADA in the mass media on this important topic?  Anyone want to bet whether the ADA actually goes beyond a statement published online?  Will they go on any of the major networks and refute the notion that dental x-rays pose ANY risk?  Will they logically point out that dental x-rays are the LOWEST source of ionizing radiation, compared to ALL medical AND natural background sources?

Here’s me holding my breath:







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2 Responses to The ADA Finally Chimes in About Brain Tumor Study

  1. Larry Sutton says:


    I could not agree more. Here is an opportunity, a golden opportunity for the ADA. It actually may be more well known than the ACS.(The ADA seal of approval) They could shoot this study down in the media world. It would really be appreciated by members and it may even cause a few non-members to join. Oh well………..
    Maybe I will write a letter to the ADA. I will say this study has increased the already difficult job of instilling why radiographs are necessary for dx and treatment. I think we all cringe when a patient tells us she will let us know when there is a problem and an “x-ray” can be taken.

    By the way, thanks for all the info that you post on social media and marketing etc. Now I actually need to motivate myself to use it and get involved. I do agree no one will care more than the actual dentist about his practice.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks for your comments, Larry! I’ve been out of the ADA for about 10 years now. I went all the way to President of the local affiliate. But, even getting “involved” just confirmed what I already knew about the ADA. It is an organization dedicated to political pandering and is TOOTHLESS when it comes to representing the REAL interests of dentists. And, since I discontinued my membership, I’ve seen a worsening of the ADA.

      Yet, the ADA refuses to acknowledge the reason(s) for the membership going through a precipitous drop. To a young dentist, the inevitable question is, “I pay all that money? FOR WHAT?” The ADA continues to give the same pat answer and then wonders why they have no credibility. Idiots. All of them.

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