This Is What “Organized Dentistry” Thinks Is Good Marketing!?!?

I’ve long been a critic of so-called “organized dentistry” (American Dental Association) at the national, state, and local levels.  And, hoo-boy, do they lob up easy targets for me! 

This is an ad recently created by my state’s dental association.  Surely, we all agree with the main message that an absence of pain or symptoms does not indicate an absence of pathology or potential dental issues.  Scroll down for the video!

But, good golly!  They could not have created a worse ad, in my opinion. 

  • The spokesperson (a dentist?) looks like she either just got out bed or the shower.
  • Her tone and body language is condescending and paternalistic (just like dentists of yore).   She clenches her fist and squeezes her eyes shut to emphasize her point.
  • Watch the full (21-sec) ad below!

    Then she puts her hands on the “patient,” grabbing his head and covering his ears!  I’m not sure what the message is there (besides condoning what might be considered assault).  Is she hiding something from the patient?  Why would she not want him to hear what she says next?  Very, very strange.
  • The “assistant” makes the patient feel dumb with her, “Uh, yeah! DUH!” interjection.

This is the marketing brainchild of the dental association!  What do you think?  Comment below!

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8 Responses to This Is What “Organized Dentistry” Thinks Is Good Marketing!?!?

  1. Brian K. Van Netta, DDS says:

    Hi Mike. Couldn’t agree more. Is that the image organized dentistry hopes to cultivate with this pathetic example of a marketing video? It’s bad enough that the general public pounds on us, the insurance companies do the same, and now our own “mother organization” makes us out to look like fucking buffoons with this type of advertising. A stellar example of dues dollars hard at work. Our profession really needs an image make-over if we are to be perceived as the professionals that we are. These types of “humorous” ads and videos damage all of us, members and non-members alike. But with actual membership precipitously declining, how the hell do they expect to attract or keep practitioners with this crap?

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      I’ve been trying to find a reason to rejoin “organized dentistry.” But, they keep putting out shit like this.

  2. Ken says:

    While I don’t claim to be a marketing expert by any means, I must agree with your assessment. Another reason why I refuse to be a part of the ADA, and that’s truly a shame.

  3. That IS a lousy ad! The ads Michigan has are better but not spectacular. I quit the ADA about 5 years ago because the Michigan Dental Association was too afraid to stand up for us. The reality is the two big insurers “own” the Michigan State House and Senate. I rejoined the ADA because it is really the only organization we have and they do so much behind the scenes that we don’t always appreciate. Also, our local society has become dynamic with better leadership. I just put up with the MDA…but at the risk of being sexist, we now have more women in leadership positions and once they latch onto an issue they don’t give up!

  4. Arturo R. Garcia DMD says:

    Wow! Just wow. Amazingly bad. I’m sure they hired some dental marketing experts to put that together.

  5. Scott Loman DDS says:

    Wow-what an insulting commercial. It insults us as professionals since we are doctors of stomatology and it insults patients, no matter their socioeconomic or educational levels. I was taught,and it’s true from the Latin from which the word originates, that doctor means teacher and that is certainly not an educational or informational ad. I quit the American Dollar Association over 25 years ago. Haven’t missed them a bit.

  6. Pat Carroll says:

    God, I hope that stays local. Pretty pathetic

  7. Patient says:

    myth#4. Treating potential clients like imbeciles and accosting them while chastising is good for business.

    This is a myth that requires no explanation to most reasonably sane minds.

    This ad may blow to top off coconut oil sales. I’d rather spend 40-60 minutes swishing every single morning than have to face ONE visit such as this one.


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