I Suck at Unselling Treatment!

Retro TV CommercialToday a long-time patient (whose appearances in my practice are not consistent) came in for a consult.  She lost several teeth that were supporting a fixed bridge (#18 – 21).  She had a consult with an oral surgeon about implants.  Due to insufficient bone, she would need extensive grafting and 3 implants.  She’s decided it’s too much money, and she wants a partial denture.

After I expounded on the virtues of implant dentistry, she made it clear she wasn’t going that route.  So, I began my “pitch” about partial dentures.

I told her how she was going to HATE a partial denture.  It’s “removable,” and part of that word includes “move.”  The partial will MOVE.  Tracing my gloved finger around her lower arch, I mentioned there would be “a big metal bar here, an ugly metal clip here and here.”  I even said, “You’d probably be better off doing nothing right now.”

I could not have “unsold” the partial any more than I did.  So what happened?  She wants the partial!  Maybe I should use this approach to “unsell” cosmetic treatment and full mouth rehabs??  The more I told her how bad it was, the more she wanted it!

I’ve always sucked at sales.  And, today I sucked at UN-selling.  Maybe I should do THAT more?  I may have stumbled into the SECRET of sales!

What’s YOUR secret?  Comment below!

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  1. Under Promise and Over Deliver.

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