You Meet the Nicest People on the Internet

Even today, I hear dentists doubting the value of website marketing of a dental practice.   Most commonly, the objection is based on a perception that you wouldn’t get “quality” patients through a website.  My experience has been quite the opposite.  But, then again, I believe like attracts like.

This speaks toward my perennial argument that your website content must reflect the unique qualities of you and your practice.  Canned, generic content just doesn’t do that.  It can’t do that.  When your website content is unique (and preferably written by you), it resonates on an emotional level with the visitor.

On Sunday, I got an appointment request via my website.  He had a crown knocked out in a rugby game.  Here’s our email exchange:


I knocked out a crown yesterday in a rugby match..I need a dentist to glue it back in my head …call you in the am


I emailed him back (and cc’ed my office manager).


Hi Alex,

Thanks for visiting my website and taking time to email an appointment request.  I’d be happy to get you in tomorrow.  My office manager, Jo-Ann usually gets in around 8:00 am (we open at 9:00).  Give her a call at XXX-XXXX, and she’ll fit you into the schedule. 

Have a great Sunday!


He wrote back:


Thanks Dr.,

I need a cleaning and probably some other work too… so I guess I’m saying “I know I need a dentist.” 

The priority is the crown so I don’t look any uglier than usual.  :>  We can arrange an appointment for the other stuff.

Thanks for being there for me.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend see you tomorrow.

best regards 



I could tell I was going to like this guy.  My office manager spoke with him by phone before our morning huddle and told me, “I like him already.” 

He came in for his appointment after lunch, and right away we hit it off.

It’s really no mystery.  This happens a lot.  I wrote every word on my website.  Every photo is my own, too.  This builds credibility.  It creates a connection.  It’s believable.  And, it’s simply more compelling than generic content that is indistinguishable from the thousands of other dental websites with nearly identical content.  When the patient comes into the office, he knows exactly what to expect.  He knows who we are.  He even has a sense of our personalities.  The experience in the office is congruent with the practice image portrayed on the website.  Read that last sentence again.

Can you just glue it back?

The patient presented with a #7 that had fractured off nearly flat at the gingiva.  The crown had the coronal tooth structure still in it.  We discussed options including:

  • RCT, Post & core, crown lengthening surgery, and a new crown.
  • Extraction and implant.
  • Extraction and bridge #6 – 8.

The patient agreed to save his existing tooth.  Today, I did the RCT, placed a P&C, and prepped for a temp crown.  We’ll be sending him to the periodontist for crown lengthening.  Just looking around, I saw there are other  issues, so before continuing treatment on this tooth, the patient agreed to and scheduled a complete exam.

Today’s treatment.

This website referral turned an otherwise slow day into a productive day and a happy new patient.  A good website with content that resonates with visitors is the one that will convert them to patients in the chair.  If your site has canned content, it’s time to start editing!  Do it in bite-size pieces.  But, just do it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about making your website a personalized conversation between you and the visitor:

Defy the “back” button. Be yourself – online!

This Time It’s Personal – Your website, that is.

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  1. Nomi Waters says:

    That is fantastic Mike! I have learned so much from you about what we should have on our office website! Great entry.

  2. Leonard Tau says:

    Great blog post as always. As you know I could not agree more. I got 2 more new patients from my website. Comments from the patients I liked your website the best, the content was there and your name pops up everywhere for the service I was looking at.

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