Townie Meeting 2012 – Epilogue

Dr. Marvin Berlin

The 2012 Townie Meeting in Las Vegas is done.  I left a bit early having to skip out some of Dr. Marvin Berlin’s excellent presentation.  Marvin Berlin knows the business of dentistry “like nobody’s business!”  🙂  I hated to leave.  I was even more upset about it when I arrived at the airport only to find out my flight was delayed FOUR HOURS.  I could have stayed.

My flight delay will result in me having to spend a night in Atlanta.  I’ll get home tomorrow around noon, missing my son’s hockey game.  It sucks.  But, stuff happens.

The Townie Meeting was a lot of fun, as usual.  I got to reconnect with a lot of friends… face-to-face, rather than our regular online encounters.  There are always lots of laughs.  The presentations / seminars are always great, and I always walk away with some ideas or pearls.

The exhibitors were also excellent.  It’s good to keep up with the latest offerings and maybe even take advantage of some good deals.

Thankfully, the Vegas airport has free wi-fi.  I’ve got about one more hour (if they stay true to the current estimation) here at the airport.

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