Who They Gonna Call?

ghostbustersWho will your patients call?  Who will they think of when a friend needs a dentist?  Why will they think of you?  It could be that they love your hygienist.  It could be that they love your front desk or your chairside assistant.  It might even be because they think you’re the greatest clinician ever.  It could happen!


WILL they think of YOU when the topic of dentistry comes up?  Are you memorable?  How ENTHUSIASTIC will their recommendation be?

Hopefully, your practice is firing on all eight cylinders and the answer is “all the above.”  But, what ELSE can you do to be memorable?  I’ve posted numerous articles on the value of photography in this blog.  Of course, dental photography has value in terms of documenting clinical conditions and results… lab communications… publications… marketing… and so on.  But, it’s also an unexpected and MEMORABLE value-added service for patients.  Several months ago, I wrote about a young woman with Down’s Syndrome.  We provided some cosmetic dental care for her and had a ball doing a “glamor photo shoot.”  Click the link to see the case and the glamor shoot!

We just got a very nice “Happy New Year” photo greeting card from her family.  The photo of Lisa on the right is one from her photo shoot here at the office.  How’s that for a compliment?


A short blog article to kick off the year!  Happy 2015!  Let’s make it a great one!

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