Happy Anniversary-ish TDW!


This month marks the beginning of the FIFTH year of The Dental Warrior Blog!  Holy crap, time is flying.  I began writing TDW, in earnest, in January of 2011.

I want to THANK YOU, my audience, for indulging my rants, raves, and rabble-rousing.  Really… It means a lot to me that my writing resonates with so many (and pisses off a few).  I also enjoy the creative (and cathartic) process of writing!

I thought I’d share some blog stats with you.

In the last four years, I’ve posted 277 articles (not including this one).  That comes to an average of 5.8 articles per month.  When I started this blog, I worried that I would not be able to come up with enough “material” to keep it going.  I do have occasional dry spells.  So far, so good!

From January 1st, 2011 to now, the blog has had:



Blue represents countries that have visited the blog. Darker blue = more visitors. Someone tell the folks in the light gray countries about The Dental Warrior!  What’s up, Greenland, Iceland, and central Africa??

Mind you… compared to commercial blogs, those numbers are pretty puny.  But, for a one-man show (aimed at a dental audience) covering an eclectic array of topics… Not bad!

I don’t have a crystal tooth…

What does the future hold for The Dental Warrior?  I simply don’t know.  I will continue to write when I am inspired or the muse smacks me over the head.  I will continue to write from the heart while realizing it won’t please everyone.  At some point, I may consider bringing on other “worthy warrior writers.”  (Again with the alliteration!)  Maybe I’ll take the show on the road.  Who knows?

Finally… if there is something specific you’d like me to cover, please mention it in the comment section below!

Thank you, again, for reading The Dental Warrior and joining the conversation with your comments!

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3 Responses to Happy Anniversary-ish TDW!

  1. Michael says:

    An article with the matrix system you use to close diastemas.

    An article about your new suppressor for your FN and review of your new PS90. 🙂

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Ah, yes! I’ve been meaning to do that (Bioclear Matrix system). I need to find the right case (and time to document with photos).

  2. Van harte gefeliteerd/Congrats

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