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“That’s Very Expensive, Doctor!”

I treat patients from all walks of life.  Contrary to a reputation that mysteriously precedes me, I don’t have a practice full of wealthy people with bad teeth and open wallets.  I wish!  But, my patients do span the spectrum.  … Continue reading

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You Lost Me at Hello. Red Flags.

With 26 years of practice under my belt, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is when to NOT treat a patient.  Just ten days ago, I blogged about a very nice new patient:  You Had Me at Hello.  … Continue reading

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Website + Email + Remote Login = New Patient

I’ve had a website for my practice since 1999.  Several years ago, I added an Appointment Request Form that is forwarded to me by email.  And, for many years, when I got such a request over the weekend, there wasn’t … Continue reading

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Insurance Salesman: “Dental Plans Are Crap”

I wish I could have recorded the conversation I had with a patient’s husband yesterday. Sometimes they leave.   Sometimes they come back. This was a new patient… sort of.  She first came to me about 3 years ago.  We did … Continue reading

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The Thriving Dentist Show!

My friend and dental practice consultant extraordinaire, Gary Takacs, has a podcast called, “The Thriving Dentist.”  He publishes a new show about every week and has a guest to discuss issues that affect all of us in dental practice.  It … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Evil Plan?

If everyone is zigging, should you be zagging? I just finished reading a book, “Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination,” by Hugh Macleod.  It reminded me of a thought that occasionally percolates in my brain.  What … Continue reading

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Published in April Issue of Dentaltown Magazine!

I was asked to write an article for Dentaltown Magazine that answered the question: “What does the model for dentistry look like in 25 years? 50 years?  Will corporate dentistry chains have taken over dentistry like Walgreens and CVS did … Continue reading

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Ya Gotta Know When to Hold’em… Know When to Turf’em…

It’s a dentist!  It’s a plane!  It’s SUPER-GENERALIST! I started my practice by leasing space in an existing general dental office.  My “landlord” was an accomplished and successful dentist.  He told me, “You’ve got to be a ‘SUPER-GENERALIST.’”  By that, … Continue reading

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“But, I don’t have insurance.”

Today a 20 year-old came in as a new patient (husband and 8 month old baby in tow).  She found me via my website and also cited my “good reviews.”  Her chief complaint was a broken down tooth with a … Continue reading

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Speed Is Life. ACTION Is Life.

There are two kinds of people:  The kind that instinctively take action when faced with a critical decision.  And those who have had their intuition and instinct for survival dumbed-down by politically-correct nonsense.  Many people have become the proverbial “deer … Continue reading

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