Website + Email + Remote Login = New Patient

appointment-request-2I’ve had a website for my practice since 1999.  Several years ago, I added an Appointment Request Form that is forwarded to me by email.  And, for many years, when I got such a request over the weekend, there wasn’t much I could do other than send a reply letting them know we’d call them first thing on Monday to set it up.

Back in June, I replaced my very old computer at the front desk and switched to a new PMS (practice management software).  I also connected the new computer to the internet (there was no reason to do so before with the old PMS).  And, I subscribed to “Logmein,” a service that allows me to connect to the office computer remotely.

Today, I got an appointment request.  Here it is:


Added arrows to indicate key information.

Here are the emails that followed (in order):


Done and done!  Notice that the new patient was very appreciative that I responded to his email.  I think it makes even more of an impact when the DENTIST responds.  Are you willing to do this?

The combination of an interactive website, prompt email response, and remote access to the office computer creates a system that effectively allows you to be “open for business” 7 days a week.  Add your comments or thoughts below!

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8 Responses to Website + Email + Remote Login = New Patient

  1. Roy says:

    As I sit here and struggle for breath! Lol. One of the few things I’d done before you. Logmein is great! Though our website needs serious attention paid to it, the time for which I’m currently lacking, it does have a prompt to contact us which forwards to both my personal and business e-mail accounts. I always personally respond to every e-mail notification unless it’s someone asking insurance specific questions in which case I pawn off onto front office. Was this patient referring to a Care Credit application link when they mentioned credit card? Hope their appointment goes well!

  2. Roy says:

    One further question: in your post you placed arrows at various salient points. Where do all those question prompts appear as I was unable to get them to show up when I went in your site just now? It looked only as if I could write out a long-form message rather than indicating via tabs what, specifically, my needs were. Thanks, Mike!

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      The form comes up when a visitor clicks on any of the “Appointment Request” buttons (on every page of my site).

      You’re probably clicking on the email link.

  3. Karen says:

    That’s a great idea and one of the reasons I chose a cloud-based software system for my new practice. It isn’t flawless, but it’s perfect for situations like this.

  4. Michael Nugent says:

    So did the new patient show up?

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