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Dr. MacGyver – Episode 3

The One About the Broken Post A new patient called saying a crown on her front tooth came out.  We appointed her the same day (that afternoon).  She has a current dentist, but he was on vacation, and the front … Continue reading

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Dr. MacGyver Rocks You Like a Hurricane!

Last week, just before the hurricane was predicted to strike, my office manager texted me on a Tuesday evening, “Broke my #9 off at the gum line!”  Yeah… not a good look for a cosmetically-oriented dental practice front desk, eh? … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday Emergency Patient – my own son.

My son is now fourteen years old, almost fifteen, and in ninth grade.  Back in fourth grade, his class was doing a “square dance.”  My son fell down, face-down on the floor.  Another kid fell on top of his head, … Continue reading

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My Front Tooth Fell Out – case presentation

A non-regular (shows up for emergencies only) patient presented with a chief complaint that his lower front tooth fell out.  He needed a replacement ASAP, as he didn’t want to go to work without his front tooth.  He didn’t have … Continue reading

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Paging Dr. MacGyver – Herodontist

After nearly 25 years in Dentistry, I’ve learned that “herodontics” is often an exercise in futility.  But, one of the things I love about being a dentist is the creative problem-solving aspect.  My assistant has called me “McGyver” for many … Continue reading

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