Video Testimonials Are Marketing Gold

video-testimonialI need to do this more!  I was just chatting with a patient in hygiene today.  I asked her, “What’s new?”  She told me she had a new boyfriend, and she was in LOVE.  She then went on about how she used the photos we took in my office after her Six Month Smiles treatment in her online dating site profile.  She told me that she credited her smile with her dating success.  My hygienist then cut in, so she could get to work.

I came back to to the exam and then asked the patient if she would consider doing a video testimonial about what we had just talked about.  She immediately said, “YES!”  She was our last appointment before lunch.  The only video camera I had around was my phone.  So, without any real preparation or scripting, we just winged it.

I knew Anne would be perfect for this.  And, I’m so glad I asked.  What we ended up with is Marketing Gold.  This is the raw video.  I will tidy it up a bit and add some title clips and before and after images for my website.  Video after the jump…

“That’s gold, Jerry. GOLD!” – Kenny Bania (Seinfeld)

It doesn’t have to be a perfect, professional-grade video!  I shot this with my phone.  So, no tripod.  It’s a bit shaky.  It’s totally unscripted.  But, I think that’s what makes it “real.”  I believe that viewers will resonate with a less-than-perfect / not-over-produced video.

Don’t be afraid to ask.  Certainly, there are some patients you just know will be uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Don’t ask them.  If you’re not sure who would be “good,” ask your team.  They’ll know!  Finally, just have fun with it.  Keep it light.  Don’t worry about looking or sounding “professional.”  Just be yourself.

PS… I use Camtasia to edit my videos.

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4 Responses to Video Testimonials Are Marketing Gold

  1. Fred Joyal says:

    Great video, Mike! And it is so true that the lack of high production value actually adds to the credibility of the videos. Also, they are vastly more persuasive than written testimonials–people assume you wrote and/or edited those yourself. Plus the utility of videos is multi-channel. They should go on the practice website, YouTube, Facebook and Google+.

  2. Keith says:

    I love that even dentist offices are using the power of video. Way to go for embracing this advancement in technology. As an owner of a video production company, I see the value of having a video on your website, video ad, or other type of video. It helps you gain web traffic, followers, customers, etc. Though the video isn’t exactly professional, it works and works well! Good job!

  3. Dr Luke says:

    That’s awesome Mike I have been thinking about doing something similar. I was worried about it looking too low budget but that looks great. In Australia we strictly can’t do testimonials but a video espousing the virutes of the treatment could get around it. Do you use that back drop for before and afters as well? I just setup a still photo studio in my practice clearly I need to graduate to video.
    Luke Cronin
    Dentist North Sydney

  4. I use video testimonials on my website. It works like a charm.

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