Stuff Happens – Is It (in the) Safe?

Another quickie post here.  A recent news story about a home invasion inspired this post.  See the news video after the jump.

I’m obviously an advocate of our rights protected by the 2nd Amendment (and the rest of them).  I also admit enjoying stories about when the good guys win (against criminals).  Our right to keep and bear arms gives victims of crime a fighting chance at survival.

I’ve written before on gun safety, and I obviously believe in keeping guns out of the reach of unauthorized hands, including children.  Having a gun safe is arguably prudent for every gun owner.  But, what good is a gun (for self-defense) if it’s locked away when the crap hits the fan?  Will you have time to get it?

If you are licensed to carry a concealed weapon (a few states don’t require a license), and you exercise that right, then your gun isn’t in the safe.  But, what about when you get home?  Do you put it in the safe as soon as you get home?  Or do you keep it on you?   I suspect most probably unholster their guns and put them in the safe.  It seems logical, right?  Our homes are our castles.  We are safe there.  There’s no need to carry a weapon at home, right?

Home invasions happen, and they often happen while the residents are awake and going about their day or evening.  And, they happen even in nice neighborhoods.

Without further ado, this is a recent news story that inspired this post.   What might have happened if this retired firefighter had his gun locked up in the safe (instead of on or near him)?  It’s odd that the media emphasized that the victim had a license to carry concealed when none is needed in your own home (or business) in most states, and certainly not Texas.

Spoiler:  Good guy wins (loved ones are alive).  One bad guy dead.

Just some food for thought.  Stay safe, Dental Warriors!

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2 Responses to Stuff Happens – Is It (in the) Safe?

  1. michael says:

    CHL holder here. I try to carry everytime I go out. Ive got two small keyad safes. One downstairs, one on night stand.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      What do you think about carrying every time you’re “IN?” That’s the “food for thought.”

      If you’re home when bad guys decide to force their way in, will you say, “Hold that thought, Mr. Bad Guy. I’ve got to go to the other side of the house where my safe is and retrieve my gun.”?

      The question then becomes, why disarm yourself, just because you’re home?

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