Be a Nerd. Save a Life.

If I could distill my goals in raising my children to a singular word, it would be “THINK!”

Think for yourself!  Don’t be “cool.”  Don’t try to fit in.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Don’t follow another individual.  Do your own thing!  Be UNcool!  Stand out.  Be bold.  Be defiant!  Be a contrarian.  Be smart!  Stop and THINK.  WALK AWAY from stupidity.  Get comfortable saying, “NO.”

This news article is what inspired this blog post:

Fla. teen dies in game of Russian Roulette

From the article:  “17-year-old Thorin Montgomery was the first of his friends to have a turn at the game when the gun discharged Friday.  He was shot in the head.”

Not to be insensitive, but sometimes things NEED TO BE SAID:  Gee… he was the first to “have a turn” at the “GAME” when he shot himself in the head.  No shit??  This is tragic(ally STUPID).

I wonder if his “friends” took their “turns at the game?”

I want my kids to be crazy-independent thinkers.  And, I believe you have to start them YOUNG.

Being a nerd may save a life… you’re own.

That’s all I’ve got to say on this.  🙁

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