Aetna VP / CFO Schools Us on!

This is just too good and must be shared!

On another blog article I wrote about Groupon, a gentleman named John Bermel chimed in with some comments regarding his beliefs about “what’s wrong with dentistry” today.  At first, I mistakenly assumed he was a dentist.  I mean who else would visit a blog like this, right?  He even pontificated about the dentist’s costs for providing exams and x-rays.

After being a bit confounded by some of his comments, I used my Google-fu and discovered he is none other than the VP and CFO (chief financial officer) of Aetna.  Holy cow!  I’m somewhat surprised that an insco VP would visit my little blog.  But, I’m glad he did.

UPDATE:  This may be a case of a namesake who happens to be in another side of the dental industry.  And, the commenter has not been back to confirm or deny my assumption.

As you’ll see, his comments are NOT surprising once you understand his context, bias, and agenda.  Click here to jump to the comments section of that blog post and join in the fun!

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  1. These CEOs, including Jim Dwyer from Delta (WDS) really know how to endear themselves to dentists…not.

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