Book Review: Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3

Unlimited New Patients - Volume 3 (dental marketing book)Let’s face a simple fact:  Dentists are largely clueless about marketing!  My friends at New Patients Inc recently published “Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3.” I bought the first two editions many years ago.   At the time, they were tremendously valuable.  The new 3rd edition is in a class all by itself.  If you’re looking for the key to the marketing kingdom, this is it.  If you think you know what REALLY motivates dental consumers, prepare to have your belief system shaken up. If there ever was a comprehensive MUST READ tome on marketing a dental practice, this is it.  Regardless of what stage your practice is in, you should get this book.  In fact, I think they should hand these out to graduating dental students, too!

The authors (and principles at New Patients, Inc.) Howie Horrocks, Eddie Facey, and Mark Dilatush, have created an indispensable reference that covers every aspect of marketing a dental practice.  In it, they dispel many commonly held marketing myths.  And, they provide a step-by-step strategy for choosing marketing mediums and setting a proper marketing budget.  This is important!

Most of us have a tendency to dabble willy-nilly in latest fad or based on which salesman happened to find us first.  With “Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3,” you will have the knowledge needed to decide whether, when, and in which order to implement TV, radio, direct mail, billboards, and internet marketing.  There are detailed sections on each type of marketing media, including the latest on social media on the internet.

The method to the New Patients Inc. madness has always been DATA.  These guys have years and years of data on what works and what doesn’t work.

This marketing bible will also school you on how to MEASURE your results.  This is also crucial!  If you’re not measuring your results correctly, you could be throwing away good money after bad.

I’ve read this book once, and I know I’ll be referring back to individual chapters as needed.  This is also a good point in this blog to mention the New Patients Inc. traveling road show called “The Marketing Summit.”  If you’d like to hear this information first hand and get an incredibly valuable personalized marketing analysis, check out my review of the Marketing Summit here.

A Dental Warrior doesn’t go into battle without good intelligence.  “Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3” is that intelligence.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I promise you will learn not just a few things… but MANY things.  Click here to learn more and order “Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3.”

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