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The Dental Warrior (mobile) Has Been Hacked!

Fair warning, and my apologies… My blog has been hacked such that if you access it with a mobile device, you will be redirected to a porn app. I’ve got people working on it at this time.  I hope to … Continue reading

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Website + Email + Remote Login = New Patient

I’ve had a website for my practice since 1999.  Several years ago, I added an Appointment Request Form that is forwarded to me by email.  And, for many years, when I got such a request over the weekend, there wasn’t … Continue reading

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Spelling & Grammar Count!

Or do they?  Should they? Increasingly, I’ve noticed poor spelling, grammar, and syntax in the media.  I see it in print and on TV.  While I suspect many don’t think it matters, and many don’t see it (because of their … Continue reading

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Insurance Salesman: “Dental Plans Are Crap”

I wish I could have recorded the conversation I had with a patient’s husband yesterday. Sometimes they leave.   Sometimes they come back. This was a new patient… sort of.  She first came to me about 3 years ago.  We did … Continue reading

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The Dentist Formerly Known as Prince

Some Patients Just Make Your Day The title will make more sense as you read on.  A few weeks ago, we got a new patient by referral from a pediatric dentist (about 45 minutes away).  The patient recently completed orthodontic … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Carry a Gun Every Day… Three Good Reasons.

I don’t often post links to other blogs here.  But, this article on The Truth About Guns is so good (in my opinion), it’s worth sharing.  I know a lot of people who are licensed to carry concealed that do … Continue reading

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Mr. & Mrs. America… You Are Being Ripped Off!

Check this out:  Obamacare pays for dental clinic for uninsured Obamacare built a 6,000 sq. ft. clinic to house only 10 dental chairs in New Jersey (big surprise).  And, they’re PROUD of it.  That’s a CRAZY waste of space.  Ten … Continue reading

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The Thriving Dentist Show!

My friend and dental practice consultant extraordinaire, Gary Takacs, has a podcast called, “The Thriving Dentist.”  He publishes a new show about every week and has a guest to discuss issues that affect all of us in dental practice.  It … Continue reading

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“Check Your Six” at Gas Stations!

“Check your six” is an axiomatic phrase to live by for fighter pilots.  It means be aware of what’s behind you.  Having a “bogey” (enemy aircraft) on your six can be fatal.  If you use a clock to refer to … Continue reading

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New PMS! No… Not That Kind!

We all have a long “to do” list, both at home and the office.  One item that’s been on my list at the office has been to upgrade the computer and Practice Management Software (PMS). I’ve delayed doing it for … Continue reading

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