Bad News = Opportunity

Coronavirus is all over the news.  The resulting unjustifiable panic is the real “pandemic.”  Perhaps we should call it “pande-MONIUM?”

The news offers many opportunities to communicate with our patients with context that can be leveraged due to hyper media coverage of a topic. 

I just posted this on my practice blog site, my practice Facebook page, and sent it as a mass email to my patients.

Corona / COVID-19 Virus and Dentistry

Hello!  Dr. Mike here!  We’ve been hearing a lot about the “Coronavirus” in the news recently.  We’ve also been hearing a lot of misinformation.  Consequently, we are experiencing a pandemic of panic.  Unnecessary panic. There’s a run on toilet paper, for gosh sakes!  

How does going to a dental appointment factor into the Coronavirus situation?

I’ll keep it brief.  

A dental office is probably the safest place I can think of.  Everything is sterilized.  Countertops and other environmental surfaces are doused in disinfectants between every visit.  

Private care offices like ours don’t have a waiting room full of sick people.  If you’ve been here, you’ve probably never seen my reception area full of waiting patients.  That’s been by design since I started my practice.  We see one patient at a time and run our schedule accordingly.  Our reception room is usually empty, because the scheduled patient is in the chair.  😊

Perhaps the worst place to be would be a traditional medical doctor’s office waiting room full of coughing patients!  

 So, come on in!  The water’s fine.  We have always taken every precaution and measure to keep our patients safe.  

Wash your hands frequently.  Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your car for when you touch things like gas pumps, doors, and other surfaces in public places.  Lastly, please don’t panic and live your life with a happy heart.

Feel free to copy-paste (or edit) for your own use.  Click here to download a copy!

Any opportunity to get your patients’ attention is a good thing!  🙂

Update:  Due to a largely empty schedule, I decided to try to incentivize scheduling an appointment.  Click here to see the mass email (#2) I sent out yesterday.

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3 Responses to Bad News = Opportunity

  1. John Stivers says:

    Fantastic article Mike. I will use this.

  2. Very positive way to handle it.

  3. Daniel Hipps says:

    Great article! I saw this on your FB page and was going to ask if I could use. Thanks!

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