The Civilian Defender – by Dr. Sherman House

revolver-science-3This is only the 2nd time I’ve posted a link to another blog article.  But, this one deserves the acknowledgement and is worthy of a hat tip!  My friend and colleague truly deserving of the term “Dental Warrior,” Dr. Sherman House, has written up an excellent article about self-defense.  Be warned… it’s necessarily a long article (in the spectrum of blog articles).  It’s NOT an article “about guns.”  It’s about avoiding trouble and a defensive mindset in the context of real world threats, which come in many forms.

An excerpt and summary of what Sherman covers:

…and here is what I feel should constitute the undergraduate education of THE CIVILIAN DEFENDER:

  1. Criminology/Street Smarts
  2. Defensive Driving
  3. Emergency Medical
  4. Legal Preparation, Aftermath and Rules of Engagement
  5. Less Lethal skills
  6. Handgun Carry Course
  7. Handgun Skills and Tactics Course
  8. Defensive Tactics

It’s WELL worth the 20 minutes of reading.

Click the link:  Becoming the Civilian Defender

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3 Responses to The Civilian Defender – by Dr. Sherman House

  1. Thank you Mike! I appreciate the share. This has kind of turned into a living, “thesis,” presentation, based on my life’s odd, “path.” I will be presenting a lecture on this at an upcoming, charity tactical conference. The details are here:

  2. Felix Kratzer says:

    Hi Sherman,

    I’m Felix, guy from Germany – we trained together back at TR in Camden 8 years ago – don’t know if you remember me?
    Sorry to contact you via this, could not find your email adress anywhere…

    Maybe you can write me back,
    would be great!

    take care and hear from you soon,


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