“I wish I had a gun.” Not!

juan-williamsI just came across an article about auto theft with the victim being the wife of a Fox News commentator, Juan Williams.

And another article.

Williams is known for his beliefs that Americans should not be able to keep and bear arms.  He’s “anti-gun.”  And, that’s fine.  He’s free to believe that, as wrong as he is.

A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged, yet.


Don’t leave your key’s in the car while fueling up at the gas station!

Well, his wife was at a gas station and while putting her credit card into the pump, a thief jumped into her car and drove away.  Presumably, she foolishly left the key in the ignition.  DUH!

But, according to an interview with Juan Williams, he said that his wife remarked, “I wish I had a gun.”  Oh, really?  Never mind that she could not have legally used a gun in this scenario.  The use of lethal force is limited to protecting / defending LIFE (not a car) in most states.

Having a gun is not a talisman that wards off all crime / criminals.  Nor does it make you an invincible super-hero.  Being situationally aware is paramount.  Mrs. Williams wasn’t.  She should have said, “I wish I was smarter (and didn’t leave my keys in the car).”

While her comment may seem the casual retaliatory remark of an angry and embarrassed victim, I think it goes much deeper and may very well be intentionally repeated / used by her husband, the Fox News personality.  I think his wife’s comment (and his own use of it) reflect a profound misunderstanding… OR…. perhaps intentionally and insidiously advancing the anti-2A agenda.  By repeating his wife’s comment that she “wishes she had a gun,” he’s PROJECTING that “wish” on legal gun-owners.  The implication is that people who lawfully carry guns “wish” to have the opportunity to use their guns in situations that do not merit their use.  Had she had a gun and fired it at the fleeing car thief, she’d be in jail.

Personally, I would appreciate it if those that are opposed to my 2nd Amendment Rights would refrain from projecting their own admitted inability to control their emotions and actions on me.  We are not like you.  But, it’s good that you know your OWN limitations.

IWB tuckable holsters_05 09 12_0006The truth is that law-abiding citizens who exercise their 2nd Amendment Right are not “wishing” nor looking for a reason to use their guns (other than recreationally).  Most actually go to great lengths to avoid dangerous situations.

Having a fire extinguisher doesn’t prevent fires.  Nor does owning one indicate a wish for a fire to break out.

Those who have taken on the responsibility of their own safety and decided to own / carry a gun are obligated to know their own state’s laws.  You better know those laws, COLD.  And, if you’re like the vast majority of gun owners, you’ve become acutely aware of the potential for escalation of disputes or altercations.  So, you AVOID them altogether.  The best way to avoid them is to be situationally aware.

Be safe.  Stay safe.  Be aware.  Don’t leave your keys in the car!

PS… This is my 250th post!

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10 Responses to “I wish I had a gun.” Not!

  1. Michael says:

    Congrats on the 250th post.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi! I really enjoy your dental postings, but these extremely right-leaning, unrelated posts are a complete turn-off to me, and probably some other dentists as well. Please stick to what you’re best at: passionate articles about my profession!

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your comments. My blog is a combination of the (eclectic) things I’m passionate about. I love dentistry. One of my hobbies is firearms, and I’m a big advocate for all of the Freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution. I also like advocating for personal safety and security. I am OFTEN asked for advice (by email) about these things. So, I include them in my blog.

      I get SO many of those emails, it becomes tedious to answer all of them individually with detailed answers. “Which gun should I get?” for example. I get asked that question dozens of times per year. And, it requires a detailed answer. So, I wrote up an article and put it on the blog for easy referencing. I’ve also written several times about gun safety in the home, especially around children.

      If that’s “right-leaning” to some, then so be it. I realize that it may turn some people off. I knew that and expected it when I started this blog. And, I’m OK with that. I get a ton of comments and emails thanking me for my efforts. The blog’s viewership has steadily grown since its inception. I can’t be all things to all people. And, that’s especially true of dentists, as a group. The joke goes, “The only thing two dentists will agree on is that the third dentist is an idiot.” 😀

      I prefer to be myself. And, what I write… is all me. No holds barred. Averaging 10,000 views per month at this point, it’s hitting the mark with some people.

      I am more than a dentist.

      But, I do appreciate your comments and thoughts. Best wishes.


    • Barnslayer says:

      Mike forgive me since this is not my site:

      Karen…. speak for yourself. Just because you have fantasies of the reformation of the USSR doesn’t mean others have warm fuzzy feeling for tyranny. You don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. If you ever find yourself in a bad situation you’ll wish someone had one to save your pathetic butt. maybe not. You could tell a joke, vomit or urinate like the liberals tell women to do. The police? Ask them if it’s their job to be your bodyguard. Maybe you should set up a practice in Cuba? You’d fit right in.
      BTW, you got a heck of a nerve coming to someone else’s site an telling Mike what to do.
      Mike, if I’m out of line in your eyes feel free to delete this. I’m done being polite to these types.

  3. Michael Nugent says:


    I think Mike’s commentary is spot on with his outlined goal of this blog.

    See—> https://thedentalwarrior.com/about/

    I absolutely love Mike’s random articles. ( Mike is one of the dentists I follow on DT and try to emulate. The more Mike posts online the better.) I don’t think Mike’s posts are extremely right winged at all. I find Mike’s articles more conservative and not extremely right winged.

    Two major points in Mike’s article I think are 100% spot on.

    1. Having a gun is not a talisman that wards off all crime / criminals. Nor does it make you an invincible super-hero.

    2. The truth is that law-abiding citizens who exercise their 2nd Amendment Right are not wishing nor looking for a reason to use their guns (other than recreationally). Most actually go to great lengths to avoid dangerous situations. Those who have taken on the responsibility of their own safety and decided to own / carry a gun are obligated to know their own state laws. You better know those laws, COLD. And, if you’re like the vast majority of gun owners, you’ve become acutely aware of the potential for escalation of disputes or altercations. So, you AVOID them altogether.

    I did not start looking at and analyzing politics until I bought my dental practice 6 years ago and became THE MAN. As a business owner I am captain of my ship.

    Furthermore, I never owned a gun up until a couple of years ago. I could not ride my dirtbike as much as I wanted to because of the huge time commitment dirtbikes take on Saturday. Wife is a Radiologist and works full time. We have two small daughters.

    I needed a new hobby. I bought a .22lr pistol and got hooked on shooting. The way some people love golf is they way I love shooting. It takes a lot of skill to shoot accurately. There is SO much more to shooting then just pulling the trigger. Just like golf is not just hitting a ball.

    Then a turning point in my life.

    Next door neighbor was murdered on his weekend ranch. His ranch hand and two of the ranch hands friends thought they would kidnap the neighbor’s wife and son and hold them for hostage. Neighbor was murdered trying to protect his family.

    As the man of the house I decided I MUST be the one to protect my family. When seconds count, cops are minutes away. (Then cops have no duty to protect you.) I had my “come to Jesus” moment and have already made my peace that I will defend my family and will stop the threat. If stopping the threat means termination of life for a thug then so be it. I phrase I learned from Mike “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

    I’ve taken numerous classes and train with my pistol and rifles. It is for fun and sport. I shoot in IDPA pistol matches and hope to start 3 gun matches. These matches are also good training if the moment ever happens I have to defend my family. Also, I regularly take pistol, rifle and shotgun weekend classes to become better with my weapons.

    As Mike mentioned responsible gun owners and those that have their CHL permits are NOT LOOKING for a fight. They are not looking to pull out their gun and shoot. I am a responsible gun owner and know the laws.

    I love CHL owners in my dental office. http://shootingdentist.com/index.php/pasadena-texas-chl-dentist/

    I hope Mike sticks to what he does best “Passionate articles that make Mike want to write”

    And isn’t it OUR profession?

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks, Michael. I’m active on other dental forums, where my comments have been censored and edited. In some cases, I had long posts that took considerable effort to write disappear into the ether. Gone forever. For example, I wrote a review of a dental product on another dental forum. The folks running the forum assumed that it was a paid endorsement. It wasn’t. It was completely independent, and the company had no idea I was doing it. POOF! GONE! And, I had no way to retrieve it.

      That led me to creating my own blog… where I can write whatever I want and not be censored or edited against my will. Now I have my own archive. I won’t lose another piece to the whims of unseen editors.

      Like me, love me, hate me… I don’t care! I really don’t. It’s one of the wonderful things that come with age. I’ve also learned that if you try to please everyone, you end up being unremarkable. If my writing stirs things up… for better or for worse… I have accomplished my mission. I intend to provoke!

      So, I really DO appreciate Karen’s criticisms. Frankly, I’m surprised it took so long for someone to call me out… hahaha! Good on ya, Karen. Stick to your beliefs… I am. 🙂

      PS… as of this writing, only 22% of my articles are about personal safety and/or firearms.

  4. Ivan Terrwro says:

    As a man of few words, all I can say is AMEN BROTHER! Post was (is) spot on, keep them coming!

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks, Ivan! A LOT of dentists are firearms enthusiasts. It is a hobby that falls into our strengths (eye-hand coordination). I find it to be a MEDITATIVE activity. It’s relaxing. It’s focused. It’s really a Zen thing! That may seem counter-intuitive to those who have no experience with firearms and spending some time at the range. Rather, they have internalized Hollywood fantasy and mythology as their own reality.

      One of the most fun things I can do at the range is bring a newbie. Click the link to read my article about taking a fellow dentist to the range for his first time.

      • Michael Nugent says:

        Taking Noobes to the range is fun!! I’ve taken several. It’s great. The new shooter gets to learn in a safe friendly environment. I get to coach and give instructions. Teaching really reinforces the subject matter.

        I even took my office to the range.


        In a couple of months we are going to go back to the range and do rifle! Going to the range with my team was the BEST team building experience ever. Everyone had super fun. Great day with my team.

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