Dad’s New Smile – Done!

Gold Dust Dental Lab!Last September, I wrote about “Life Changing Dentistry,” showcasing the planning and treatment of my dad’s decimated dentition.  While that article included the details of treatment, this one is simply a follow up with lots of before & after photos.

I’ve never known my dad to be vain.  Nor have I ever seen him complain about ANYTHING.  While I recognized the severe dental erosion and attrition in my dad’s mouth several years ago, it didn’t bother him much… until it did.  His teeth were mere wisps of what they used to be.  They were falling apart.  Finally, my dad knew that it was time to act.

On a technical level, this case was one of the most challenging of my career so far.  Occlusion?  My dad had no recognizable occlusion.  His lower anteriors occluded with the anterior palatal tissues.  I was quite pleased with the result we got, which included anterior coupling and guidance.  Thanks to the superb help from Gold Dust Dental Lab!

Without further ado, here are some before & afters for your perusal:

 Dad's Smile Comps-2

Dad's Smile Comps--6

Dad's Smile Comps--7

Dad's Smile Comps--5

Dad's Smile Comps-

Dad's Smile Comps--2

Dad's Smile Comps-5064

Dad's Smile Comps--9

Dad's Smile Comps--10

Dad's Smile Comps--8

Dad's Smile Comps--4

Dad's Smile Comps--3

 Dad is SO happy with his new smile!

Dad's Smile-0091

Dad's Smile-0097

 Click here for more details on the planning and treatment of this case.

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15 Responses to Dad’s New Smile – Done!

  1. Excellent case Mike! These cases provide such great satisfaction for the dentist and the patient. It especially gratifying when you can do it for your father. Congratulations on a job very well done!

  2. This is fantastic. Your dad looks great!

    My friend went in for his first ortho consult and for his before photographs when they asked him to smile, he smiled with his mouth closed like he always does. He says he never thought about how better teeth could change how he smiles. It’s amazing how great dental work can transform someone.

  3. Beautiful work! Your dad looks 10 years younger!

  4. Not much to say other than … WOW! Not only was this technically a really tough case, but such a personal one. The outcome was tremendous. Your documentation, photography, prep design, complete Rx, bite records… all of it was superb. Mike is a little bit of a dental genius. Congratulations.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Aww….Jenn…. You’re too kind! Your lab (Gold Dust Dental) was a HUGE help! I really enjoy working with Jim. What talent he has! I’m now officially SPOILED! 😀

  5. Cole Dugan, DDS says:

    Wow…tough case with amazing results !!!! You always make exceptional dentistry look easy 🙂 I know your dad must be thrilled and so proud to have a “dental god” for a son. Thanks for sharing this inspiring case and for this fabulous blog. I always look forward to reading your posts. Keep up the good work !!!

  6. Steph says:

    Awesome results! I love seeing people with smiles they are proud of. When I was younger, I hated going to the dentist and was always really nervous. But now I found a dentist in Tampa who offers sedation dentistry and love it! Works miracles and highly recommend it so you can have beautiful teeth like those above without getting the jitters 🙂

  7. mark portnoy says:

    i look to forward to seeing recall documentation for many years to come!

  8. Tate says:

    What a huge difference, really good job!

  9. Barry says:

    Great case thanks for sharing Mike.
    Your dad looks ever so proud leaning up against that tree!!


  10. Richardson says:

    What a smile. See his happiness. Hi Mike, you have done a very good job..

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