You Can’t Handle the Truth (about “insurance”)

you can't handle the truth

Perhaps it’s coincidental that I got an email from a prospective patient through my website on the same day a friend posted this video, “Jack Nicholson on Dental Insurance” (below) on Facebook.

First… the email:


Well I am looking for a good price to fix my teeth.  I have Assure insurance.  It’s an HMO.  I went to (rhymes with) “Mental Dental,” and I feel like they are trying to rip me off!!!  I can fax you the dental plan they gave me.


I am always a bit conflicted on how to diplomatically address people who state their desire for low cost.  But, the older I get… the less I seem to care about offending anyone.  I prefer to just be honest… brutally honest.  And, you’d be surprised at how often it works!  Click here to read another recent post about how brutal honesty about fees works.

My reply:


Thanks for visiting my website and taking time to send an email.

To answer your question honestly:

I’m not contracted with any HMOs or PPOs, so you won’t find me on your insurance guide’s list of dentists.  I cannot do what I do within the restrictions imposed by HMOs.  It’s simply not possible.  Interestingly, you may find that treatment at an HMO office can cost the same or more than you’d pay at a private office with no insurance at all.

If you are looking for a dentist that will be very honest, give you options, and help you as an informed patient, I’m him.  If you are looking for the least expensive dentist, I’m not him.  My fees are at the higher end of the scale.  I’m just being truthful and getting that out up front.

The best way I can give you the information you need to make a decision is by performing an examination (diagnosis and treatment options).  If you’d like to set up an appointment for an exam, give us a call on Monday and speak with Marybeth.  Or I can have her call you.

Thanks again for visiting my website!

Then today, I came across this video, “Jack Nicholson on Dental Insurance”:

How do you handle such questions and requests? Comment below!

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3 Responses to You Can’t Handle the Truth (about “insurance”)

  1. Michael says:

    My email for the morning:

    “Hi I am missing a front tooth as well as having some shifted teeth from the accident. I would like to fix them do you do any free consultations? Also I would like to see what the best and cheapest way of doing this would be because I am raising two small children on a budget. Thank you for your time”

    Best and Cheapest in the same sentence [/facepalm]

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