Using Dental Memes to Educate Patients on Social Media

This post will be very short!  Earlier today, a dentist friend posted a dental meme on Facebook, designed to educate patients about the effects of the progression of decay.  I saw it and thought, “That’s pretty good.  I like it.”

My friend’s meme.  To save a copy of this, click the image.  It will open in a new window.  Then right-click and “Save Image As.”

But, then I thought about a different version that might resonate better with the lay public (our patients).

My first modified version.

Then, moments ago, I updated it to this:

I think it helps to include the related procedures.  If you want a copy of this  image:  Click on the image to open in a new window.  Right click and then “Save Image As.”

What do you think?  I posted this on a big Facebook dental group, and it went “viral” (in the dental world).  Within hours, I started to see it pop up on dentists’ practice Facebook pages and in other dental forums.  Feel free to steal this one, if you find it useful.

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5 Responses to Using Dental Memes to Educate Patients on Social Media

  1. Dr. Mike is an educator beyond words! That graphic was exceptional.

  2. Hi Mike, how do I copy the image? It’s fantastic!!

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Hi Alvaro! OK… I set it up. Click the image. It will open in a new window. Then right-click. Then “Save Image As.” Should do the trick!

  3. It’s good, but I can see it is really expensive..haha

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