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  1. Michael Nugent says:

    Post it to youtube…

    If you get a “branded” video and you post it to your practice youtube. Then next year you decide to NOT use DWC. Do you the dentist own the video?

  2. Mark says:

    Once customized, the video is downloaded by you in several formats. These are your files. You can use them to promote the dental practice at the address in your subscriber record for eternity.

  3. Michael Nugent says:

    Thanks Mark,

    I had emailed Howie several times as I was interested. If the Dental Warrior gives it high marks I need follow through. I like to ride the coattails of genius dentists.

  4. Michael Nugent says:

    The DWC Media Library, is that a Repository of dental blog articles / content for you to cut/paste into your own website? If so, isn’t original content king? If I copied information on teeth bleaching and put it on my website and other dentist’s use the same bleaching content for their websites….wouldn’t that be bad for website ranking to use the same content?

    • Ken says:

      Same question as Michael here?

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Personally, I won’t likely use any copy for my own website copy… It seems I have a “knack” for writing. 😉 And, I’ve got a TON of website copy already. I might borrow some snippets here and there, though!

      But, I’ll use the videos. And, I’ve used their copy for things like FB posts. I’ve also used it for in-office flyers. More to come with email blasts, and other projects.

      But, for 17 years I’ve tried to get dentists to write their own copy. The reality is that MOST will never do it. They just won’t. But, pre-written copy could be a starting point for them. They could modify / edit it as it suits their needs and personality. I dare suggest that MOST dental websites could use some help in the content department!

      Regarding duplicate content being penalized by Google… It turns out, not so much, actually. See this: http://searchengineland.com/googles-matt-cutts-duplicate-content-wont-hurt-you-unless-it-is-spammy-167459

      That said… the website copy available on DWC is just the tip of an iceberg of OTHER marketing content that is TESTED. Even my list of types of content in the article above is just scratching the surface. This goes WAY beyond offering some copy for your website. That’s just one of many, many things offered by DWC.

      • Ken says:

        Makes sense and thanks for the answer. On a slightly related question regarding written copy, what is your take on print type marketing (direct mail, postcards, newspaper ads, etc.)? You mentioned yellow pages and alluded to that being dead (and I agree) but do think printed type marketing in general has gone the way of the dinosaur (like yellow pages has) at least in larger towns and cities?

        • The Dental Warrior says:

          As far as “push marketing” in print to the general public (or even targeted audiences), you may have a point. It’s expensive and the ROI can vary, depending on your market. But, printed marketing pieces can also be used internally… your existing patient population? We still send recall postcards, for example. A lot of patients still like that. Printed marketing pieces can also come in the form of office brochures and displays… signs and posters, for example.

          So, while some forms of printed marketing (newspapers, yellow pages) may be dead. PRINT is not dead. 🙂

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