“Howard (Farran) Speaks” Podcast with Yours Truly

Howard-Speaks-PodcastAbout 6 weeks ago, I Skyped with Dr. Howard Farran to be interviewed for his “Howard Speaks” podcast series.  It was published today (see below).  We talked about a variety of topics from website marketing to “organized” dentistry to advice for new dentists (that would apply to the old, as well).  It was like sitting at a bar with Howard and hashing out today’s issues in dentistry.

Howard founded Dentaltown.com, which is the largest and most popular online dental forum on the planet with 200,000 registered members.  I’ve been a member since the very first days of DentalTown, and it has been a significant player in my dental career.

Howard’s latest project has been his “Howard Speaks” podcast.  And, already he has racked up a massive collection of fantastic interviews (106 at this point!) with many of the leaders in dentistry today.  I would encourage you to check out his entire portfolio of interviews.  There are three ways to access them:

You can watch my interview below.  Hey… I think both of our portraits are equally old!  Ha!

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4 Responses to “Howard (Farran) Speaks” Podcast with Yours Truly

  1. michael nugent says:

    Great Podcast. Can’t believe how fast the hour went.

  2. How is your daughter?

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      She’s progressing as well as can be expected. It’s early in this long and difficult journey. We were at the hospital 3 times last week. 1 month down… about 23 to go.
      Her spirits remain good.
      Thanks for asking.

  3. Ryan Gianos says:

    Excellent podcast. I hope You and Your Daugther (and family) are doing well. Best wishes!

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