Fifteen Minutes of Shame

sandra-bullockThis week, the news reported that actress Sandra Bullock called the police to report an intruder in her house.  It took FIFTEEN MINUTES for the police to arrive at SANDRA BULLOCK’S home.  She locked herself in her room, which has a SAFE DOOR.  Below is a recording of her 911 call.

Most of us don’t have a vault door for our bedrooms (like Ms. Bullock does).  Many of us have family spread out in multiple bedrooms.  And, if you can’t defend yourself effectively….  15 minutes….  well…  By then, the police will simply be gathering forensic evidence around your lifeless body.  Or maybe the intruder will have mercy on you and let you and your children live.  Either way, the police will not be there in time to protect you.  And, you should know that they have NO OBLIGATION to protect you, even if they do arrive in time.  Read that last sentence again and click the link to learn more about that.

Are you ready?

burglarSandra Bullock’s intruder was a mentally disturbed stalker.  Most of us aren’t celebrities who are more likely to have stalkers.  While the probability of a home intruder is relatively low, the stakes are just as high for you and me as they are for any celebrity.  And, home invasions do happen… with alarming frequency.  Just do a search for “home invasion” on Google News.  Click the link, and I’ll do it for you!

Hold on Ms. Bullock!  I’ll save you!

She’s SANDRA BULLOCK and it took the police FIFTEEN MINUTES to get there.  Think about that again.  If YOU were a (male) police officer, how quickly would you move to be Sandra Bullock’s hero?  And, it STILL took fifteen minutes.

The audio is hard to follow, but according to the written transcript, she was not armed and was alone.  She is obviously and understandably quite frightened.

You don’t have to be rich…

alarm-panel-smallHere’s my point.  You have to decide where you stand on the notion of protecting yourself.  Who do you believe is responsible and accountable for protecting you and your family?  Do you really believe the police are able to (or even required to) protect

Quick-access safe

you and your family?  Or is it YOU?

Do you have an alarm that is set at night (to warn you)?  Do you have a dog?  They make great sentinels and bad guys generally avoid dogs.  Are you armed?  If so, are you trained?  Do you practice?  Do you know your local laws (regarding self-defense) COLD?  Do you have a plan that your whole family understands?  Rehearsed?  Do you have a safe room (most of us don’t)?  Planning for a violent intruder is no different than planning for a fire.  Again… low probability but high stakes.

The intruder in Sandra Bullock’s house was arrested.

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7 Responses to Fifteen Minutes of Shame

  1. John says:

    Ms Bullock obviously neglected to wave a properly executed order of protection in the face of the intruder. Did she remember to pee herself and tell jokes? Hopefully she at least has a “This is a gun-free home” sticker on her front door (lest the intruder worry about getting shot).

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Ha! I see what you did there, John. 😉

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Don’t forget gagging yourself into throwing up. That’s another officially-endorsed (by the IL state police) self-defense tactic.

      • John says:

        Regarding the poster…. which would the police recommend to their own wives and daughters?

        • The Dental Warrior says:

          I see your point. But, honestly, the police are generally NOT the experts whose advice I would seek regarding self-defense. There are exceptions, but generally, they are not a reliable source for advice in that area.

          • John says:

            I realize that. But if they allow themselves to be used to support these recommendations, that police department must bear responsibility for outcomes based on their advice.
            Just like Slow Joe and his shotgun advice.

          • The Dental Warrior says:

            Good luck with bestowing them with “responsibility.” Multiple federal courts have already ruled that the police have NO obligation to protect any citizen. The sooner every one of us realizes our safety is COMPLETELY our own responsibility, the better.

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