Great Customer Service Is Alive and Well in the Dental Industry

I just wanted to post a quick note about two companies I recently contacted for help with their dental products.

Designs for Vision

The temple piece on my 3.5x surgical telescopes broke at the hinge.  There is an optical place next door to my office, so I went there to see if they could repair it.  Nope.  They’d need the replacement part from the manufacturer (DFV).  So, I called Designs for Vision and told them about my issue.

“No problem!  We’ll get a new set of temples (both) out to you today.” 

Do you need a credit card? 

“Nope!  No charge.”

I got the parts in a couple of days and got it installed by the nice folks next door.  Hooray!  (I have a pair of 2.5x telescopes that I used in the meantime.)

AMD Lasers

I have their Picasso Lite diode laser and love it.  I use the disposable tips for mine (rather than cleaving a continuous fiber).  But, recently, about half the time, I’d click a tip onto the handpiece and it just wouldn’t transmit the laser beam.  I figured the tip was defective, tossed it, and put on another one.  Half the time it worked.  Half the time it didn’t.

So, I  called to complain about the “defective” tips.  The AMD rep on the other end took me through some diagnostics.  It wasn’t the tips.  It was the handpiece.  Rut-roh… that’s gonna cost me, eh?  NOPE!  They sent me a new one along with a return label for the old one.  No charge!  New handpiece and tips work perfectly now!

Kudos to Designs for Vision and AMD Lasers!

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  1. Kirt Manecke says:

    Wonderful stories of amazing customer service! Thank you for sharing.

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