Proof that the shutdowns are not about safety or public health.

A Texas State Dental Board meeting transcript was recently revealed, and it’s not good.  The shutdown of dental offices has NOTHING to do with patient welfare.  It’s about CONTROL.

Here’s a link to the article with the transcript:

Video text below the break:

As you know, dental offices across the country have been shut down, allegedly because of COVID.    The reasons claimed for doing this are dubious. 

The initial justification was to conserve “PPE” (masks) for hospitals expected to be overwhelmed. 

Then they claimed that dental offices were risky to spread the virus.

Behind the scenes, I can tell you that the powers that be are NOT concerned about patient safety or well-being, unfortunately.  And, this is the case for states across the entire country.

Recently, a transcript from one such Dental Board meeting came to light.  This was in Texas, but I dare suggest that the conversations are similar in every state.

In a nutshell:  Dental Board Members Say that Patients Should Just Deal with Broken Teeth and Severe Pain.

A Texas state board meeting held on April 21 on whether it was okay under the Governor’s executive order for a dentist to treat someone who had fallen and broken his tooth and was in pain.

The example was of a person that fell down and fractured an upper front tooth, leaving an “exposed nerve”. For those that don’t know, this is an extremely painful and agonizing condition. Left untreated, besides the prolonged agony, this condition could eventually lead to severe dental infection and possible tooth loss or worse.  

It was expressed by at least one board member that this condition was not severe enough to warrant dental treatment and the patient would just have to deal with it. 

From the transcript…

Dental Board member #1 (who is a dentist):  Under this order that we have from the Governor, we should not treat that.  The way I read this order you cannot treat that patient. He is not in imminent danger of his life or going to the hospital.

Board Member #2: By your professional judgment?

Dental Board member #1: By my professional judgment. That’s right.

Mind you, the board member’s litmus test was whether the patient was in imminent danger of his life as to whether it constituted a “true dental emergency” necessitating dental treatment.  It’s worth noting that once a dental condition becomes life-threatening, that patient CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be treated in a dental office.  That patient should be immediately admitted to a hospital.  I’m saying that from the perspective of having seen such a patient myself.  It happened to be the very first emergency I saw out of dental school.  She had to be sent straight to the hospital to prevent her death.  Once a dental infection has progressed to that extent, it cannot and should not be treated in a dental office.

This isn’t about patient safety.  This isn’t about public health.  It’s about control.  Imagine that…  Those in power have declared patients should just “deal with severe pain.”

It’s disgusting.  I did not abide, and I will not abide.  I will do what’s RIGHT for my patients.  Come get me.  Really.  I’d welcome both the company AND the confrontation.  I hope you’re ready.  I am. 

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5 Responses to Proof that the shutdowns are not about safety or public health.

  1. Brian K. Van Netta, DDS says:

    Hi Mike. I hope you and yours are weathering this storm of insanity. I read the transcript who you provided in your link. Unbelievable. I think it is just FEAR that is the underlying problem. The general public is afraid, leaders are afraid, and dentists and their teams are afraid. Everyone is afraid to make the first move and risk offending the collective “hive mind” that currently exists. Everyone is looking to everyone else for some official “all clear”. This ain’t gonna happen easily as there are too many differing opinions.

    People are easily manipulated when they have been whipped up into a frenzy and are fearful. This is advantageous in high level politics with agendas at play. In dentistry, I not so sure. It’s probably more likely that dental “leaders” are just fumbling around grasping at straws as usual. However, this will have consequences for our profession. If we don’t fight with each other enough already, this will surely polarize us even more.

    When to re-open, how to re-open, what new special equipment to use, what protocols to use, etc. Along with the potential for more bureaucratic intrusion and paperwork that could make the 90’s OSHA binders look like child’s play. It hasn’t taken the major dental suppliers long to get a foot in the door. I’m besieged with emails for classes, equipment, insurance, and products that supposedly will make our practices safe. Jeez Louise. I wonder if docs like us will simply say “screw it” and bow out sooner than expected just to get away from the craziness. This in turn will hasten the corporate paradigm. I hope not, but just when you think things couldn’t get nuttier…..

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Very well said, Brian. Here’s what I’m doing to get ready to re-open: Unlock the door.

      That’s it! And, I’m not kidding. I’m not changing a thing, because we / I’ve been doing it right all along with proper universal precautions.

      As for the corporate entities taking over, you may be in for a surprise. Many of them are in BIG trouble. And, I’m talking about the biggest players. I have a friend who does some “investigative dental journalism.” Some real shit is coming soon. Two of the biggest players have been downgraded to “Junk” status by Moody’s, due to their debt and inability to pay it (and likeliness to default). Here’s one report, with another bigger one to come:

      There very well could be a “comeback” for private solo practice dentistry.

      • Brian K. Van Netta, DDS says:

        LOL. Just unlock the door. Perfect response. I completely agree. Thank you for being a voice of reason. Also, thanks for that link to the article about bond ratings and Heartland Dental. Very eye opening and a small bit of encouragement for private practice. Take care of yourself, and hopefully something good awaits for us on the other side of this mess.

        • The Dental Warrior says:

          I sure hope so. This has not been easy. We’re still not “open” here. My county got EXCLUDED from the Florida re-opening. I’d rather be back in the Persian Gulf than dealing with this shit. I’m not kidding in the least.

  2. Mike,
    You know we are in the same place. I’m planning on a soft opening on May 11th with a full opening on May 18th. Come hell or high water. The hospitals in my area are advertising on the tv to call and schedule your needed surgeries. If they can do it, so can I.

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