Hiring Social Media Impostors?

It's a deal?This short post is a reply I wrote on a Dentaltown thread about Social Media.

I’ve often and long said that hiring someone to do your social media postings is like sending a stranger to a party as your “representative” and expecting the party host to believe you were there.

You cannot outsource your social “presence.”  I dare say that if you’re paying someone to “be you,” you’re wasting 100% of that money.

With the term “Social Media,” the need for YOUR actual participation SHOULD be self-evident.

Mind you…. there’s the other debatable issue of whether social media is a great investment for a dental practice.  The jury is still out, but for the most part, it doesn’t look so promising to me.

Social media takes time and is emotionally intensive.  The key to social media is to be yourself and to be AVAILABLE.

Is it worth the effort?  Are patients going to interact with their dentists on social media like Facebook or Google+?  Really?  Do they?  Do yours?

Your mileage may vary.

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6 Responses to Hiring Social Media Impostors?

  1. David Moffet says:

    Nice blog…and so true.

    It’s very hard for anyone to *you* or *me* other than you, and me….

    You raise a very true point.

    Social media is very time intensive…and most people don’t invest the time….
    In my own case, as a Dentist, the patients that I share friendships with on Facebook are very true friends….much in the same proportion as true life friends..

    I welcome other Doctor’s comments

  2. Ross Rubino says:

    I really like this post. As a Dentist near Park Ridge my office does a lot of social media and while it is not generating all the customers in the world, I would say it is very worth while. For one thing, we are able to interact with other dental offices as well as patients on a more personal level while keeping things professional. Also, it is not as intense of an investment as other investments. For one thing, it’s free. For another, as long as you keep people up to date and monitor your social media, you’re pretty good to go. But good article overall.

  3. Provocative stance and valid points, but incomplete in my totally biased opinion.

    A mix of evergreen and user-generated (from the office/business itself) content is the optimal fuel for any dental social media campaign (as part of the total digital marketing plan) aimed at accomplishing the goals of new patient acquisition, existing patient retention, or digital word of mouth amplification.

    Social media impacts search ranking factors on both Google and Bing, and augments offline conversation that occurs with online congregation.

    In my experience the average business owner doesn’t have the time, experience, or know-how to maximize the more technical or ROE (return on engagement) driven aspects of social media (integration, ads, FBX, contests, apps); posting a coupon, inane tweet, or silly picture sure, but an authentic transparent mix is where the symbiotic relationship of outsourcing and DIY social media solutions pays dividends.

    Social media is just a tool, whether it’s a shotgun or a sniper rifle…the results depend heavily on properly applying the tool toward the intended goal(s). And that ultimately falls in the hands of those wielding the tools.

    The average business owner/dentist can save time while simultaneously reducing new patient acquisition and existing patient retention costs with the addition of digital marketing tools, content, integration, and support the proper outsourced solution can provide.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Translated… it seems you’re saying that you think store-bought, canned content from a social media “proxy” is a good thing… and it saves time.

      I like to say, “Your mileage may vary.” I stand by my “provocative” opinion. 😀

  4. It can be and it can – with the right content, properly applied to the overall mix.

    Results may vary no doubt, from celebrity endorsements to bus benches to urinal cakes..it always comes back to the scheduling system and/or call handling.

    Just couldn’t let a piece of bait dangle without taking the topic for a tussle. 😉 Good stuff.

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