Marketing by Insulting Your Prospects?

Sometimes material is just handed to you.  Today, I got another email solicitation to help me with my internet marketing.  I’m going to post it without blurring out the names of the “innocent.”  It deserves to be shared in all its glory.

I’ve highlighted my favorite parts where this purveyor of website marketing for dentists starts off with unadulterated CONDESCENSION.  Really?  Are these the folks any of us want for marketing advice??


Can you imagine speaking to your patients this way?

“If you haven’t set up your appointments for scaling and root planing, I’ve just got to ask…  What part of losing your teeth don’t you understand, Mrs. Smith?”

“What part of apical abscess don’t you understand, Mr. Johnson?”

Naaa… I don’t want to send my kids to Harvard, nor do I want a boat.

Yeah… Condescension…   THAT’S going to win them over!

Really, Jim?  I’ve just got to ask… What part of being nice and respectful to your prospects don’t you understand?

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11 Responses to Marketing by Insulting Your Prospects?

  1. Jan Frederick says:

    Good laugh for a Thursday morning Mike. Thanks!

  2. Jaime Osorio DDS says:

    It would be great to have 5 new patients a month as long as there is altruism involved.

  3. This article makes me chuckle because who doesn’t want 5 new clients in their chair, but at the same time you want to have your patients have a pleasant experience in the your chair and return. That is how you get 5 new clients…

  4. As long as you have good ethics behind you in your dentist office then it should not be a problem building up your practice by 5 or more new patients a month.

  5. Mike that you for a good laugh on this Friday afternoon.

  6. Hi Mike: I had exactly the same reaction when I got the E-mail. I sent the perp a reply as to exactly how offensive he was. This is not the first time that I have been offended by one of his schemes. How anyone in there right mind could get involved with someone with such poor judgement is beyond me. I suppose there enough people in the profession that are not in their right mind to keep him in business. Scary .

  7. We get bombarded by this scheme all the time by salespeople. Whenever we discuss buying new equipment for our office, we jokingling say “mmm all we need is 3 more patients this month and we can afford it”

  8. Steve Brown says:

    You wonder who thinks a pitch like this is a good idea. Insulting your potential clients is never a good idea, in my book.

    I see some dentists doing the same thing. I examine a lot of dental websites, and am amazed at how many of them use the “we cater to cowards” verbiage in their marketing. Offer to relieve my stress, minimize my anxiety, or allay my fears and I appreciate it. Call me a coward, and I’m going somewhere else.

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