Lethal Force In Self-Defense – A Rarely Heard Perspective

A Michigan newspaper article series (M Live) was just mentioned on one the forums I frequent.  This is a very well-written five-part piece by a man who has been there and done that:  Used lethal force to save his own life (in his own home).

Very few victims of violent crime, who are forced to save their own lives, speak openly about the incident.  Understandably many are psychologically affected and don’t wish to relive it.  Others consider legal repercussions and even exposure to retaliatory action by family and friends of the bad guy.

This compelling first-person story vividly recounts one man’s experience from the warning signs to the attack to the aftermath.

I think everyone should read this story (five parts linked below).

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

That any American would entertain the notion of relinquishing the right to self-defense, or worse yet… being brainwashed to the point of eschewing one’s natural instincts to survive (in a twisted notion of self-righteousness and moral high-ground)…  continues to baffle me.

One of so many similar stories.

Here’s the story of Jeff Dykehouse, as written by Jeff Dykehouse for MLive.com (a Michigan newspaper).  You don’t have to come back to this page to click on the next part in the series.  At the end of each article on the newspaper website, there is a link to the next part of the series.

The Jeff Dykehouse story, Part 1: Read one man’s vivid account of the night he used deadly force

The Jeff Dykehouse story, Part 2: Dykehouse has just pulled the trigger, but the burglar does not fall

The Jeff Dykehouse story, Part 3: Police handcuff Dykehouse and take him to headquarters

The Jeff Dykehouse story, Part 4: First refuge, then reflection; the shooting leads to a change

The Jeff Dykehouse story, Part 5: Dykehouse travels 1,900 miles to face bad guys; now what?

Finally… this Michigan news agency has a whole series of multiple cases / stories it’s following:

The overview explaining this series

Full coverage: All the stories in one place

Have you had any experience defending yourself against a violent criminal?  Or do you know someone who has?  Comment below!

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2 Responses to Lethal Force In Self-Defense – A Rarely Heard Perspective

  1. Michael – Thank God I have never had to defend myself against a violent criminal. But I do have a permit for a weapon and I would use it if it came down to my life or theirs. What are the other choices may I ask?

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Hi David,

      Me neither, thankfully. I’d like to live my natural life never having to face such a situation. I wish the same for you.

      I do know some folks who have.

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