Townie Meeting 2012 – Day 1

A great day at the Townie Meeting.  The morning general session opened with Dr. Howard Farran, the founder of  I’d say he was in “rare form,” but in his case it’s “usual form.”  Provocative, incisive, and uninhibited!   Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Gary DeWood inspired everyone in attendance.

The afternoon offered a variety of “breakout” sessions covering everything from cosmetic dentures, orthodontics, communications, my own presentation on website marketing, and others.

I’m wiped out after speaking.  It’s like coming down from an adrenaline dump.  But, I’m looking forward to having the “day off” tomorrow when I can pick up some great C.E., hang out with friends, and peruse the cool stuff on the exhibit floor.

Questions after the show.

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  1. nomi waters says:

    Awesome pictures…..fabulous presentation! I learned alot.

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