American Cancer Society Disavows Brain Tumor Study?

American Cancer Society replies to my reply.

I just got another email from ACS replying to my reply to their reply.   Does it seem to you they are now disavowing responsibility for publishing the dental x-ray / brain tumor study?  Here’s the email:


Dear Dr.,

Thank you for your patience while our staff further researched your concerns about the recent study on dental x-rays causing brain tumors in the Cancer Journal. My staff informed me that Cancer publishes content independently of the American Cancer Society. This study underwent a peer review and was accepted by our editors.  So that your concerns can be properly addressed, please direct your feedback to the Editorial Office below:

Carissa Gilman, Managing Editor

[CANCER, CANCER Cytopathology] Editorial Office American Cancer Society 250 Williams St NW Atlanta, GA 30303-1002 Fax #: (404) 551-5650 Phone #:  (404) 327-6411


Thank you for contacting your American Cancer Society.

Online Cancer Information Specialist


Pass the buck, eh?  Nice try, ACS!  But, OK…. I’ll play!  Here’s what I sent to the Managing Editor:


Dear Carissa Gilman,

I was referred to you by Ken (Online Cancer Information Specialist for the ACS).  I have serious concerns about the so-called “study” you published about a possible connection between dental x-rays and meningiomas.

I look forward to hearing how this “study” got past “peer review,” as reported by Ken (see below).  In my 24 years of practice, reading journals, and attending over 2,000 hours of continuing education, I’ve never come across a report in the literature so devoid of science.  To claim it was “peer reviewed” is as ludicrous as the conclusions of the study.

To make this easy, I’ll cut and paste the letter I sent to the ACS along with the replies that followed (see below).


(I pasted copies of the correspondence between ACS and me in the email.)

Let’s see what happens next!  🙂


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3 Responses to American Cancer Society Disavows Brain Tumor Study?

  1. Mark Dolson says:

    The sad / good thing about our society is that after a week, hardly anyone will really remember this at all. A few will say, “hey Doc… doesn’t all these xrays cause brain cancer?”. Then al you say is, “Oh yeah – that whole study was shown to be garbage”. Most will just shake their head and say, “yeah… I figured.”

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Incidentally, the study that was touted (about a year ago) by TV’s Dr. Oz about thyroid cancer being caused by dental x-rays was a very similarly-designed study done in Kuwait. The Kuwait study also depended on patients’ recollection of what dental x-rays they had over their lives. Truly silly from a scientific perspective.

  2. Karen Barrow says:

    I recently asked the ACS about why they are only looking for patentable cures when they take public donations, since they are supposed to be a not for profit entity. First, they sent me a strange reply, like they were scared to answer the question, and they said they were forwarding on my question to the proper department. Then, a couple of weeks later, I received a really ridiculous answer:

    “Thank you for your interest in the American Cancer Society, and for your patience while we researched your question.

    The American Cancer Society is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. When our donors’ contributions have helped support a discovery through a research grant we want to make sure the discovery gets to patients. We have long held a march in attitude that in the case a discovery is languishing that could be helping people, the ACS would step in and move the discovery along. A patent is one such way of insuring that the ACS can achieve that. The primary intention is not to make money but to assure that patients will not lose access to a discovery because it is languishing somewhere. That is in the language of the intellectual property rights section of the ACS grants policies.

    You also refer to terms like “Net Income.” The patent policy was revised over time to also include a condition that if a blockbuster discovery did make a lot of money, the generosity of the Society’s donors would be recognized and some of that money would return to the American Cancer Society and be used for the purpose of eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Our policies are designed to protect the donors’ intentions. Discoveries from the ACS research grants that help patients or keep people healthy do not need to just be patentable.”

    So that’s it, politics and cancer, and why all our donations are not going to cures or even proper research, but only to look for ways to make highly profitable cures from patentable discoveries. The ACS is apparently just a bunch of greedy, cancer ignorant people who are more worried about keeping their jobs. Nobody should give them any money, there are drug companies doing the same thing.

    Oh, and isn’t mercury poisoning from dental fillings fun, BTW? I’ve been doing chelation for a full year and I still don’t have it all out.

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