New Blog Feature: Cool Archive Widget!

Collapsible Archives!

2011 expanded. Then October expanded. This is a screen-shot. The real thing is over to the right. 🙂

Just a quick admin update for The Dental Warrior blog.  Now that I’m past 106 posts, I wanted an easier way to access and view the archives.

The “archive” section on the right (under the “10 Most Popular Posts” section) is more user-friendly than the previous version.  It collapses and expands by year, month, and lists the posts within each month on command.  Very cool!

You can expand / collapse each year and month by clicking on the arrow next to each one (or by clicking on the year / month links).  This way, you can view and access the entire archive neatly and without creating a huge, long page to scroll through.

To the right is a screen shot with the year 2011 expanded and October of that year expanded.

Anyway, I’m constantly seeking new and better ways to make this blog easy to navigate and use.  😀

Thanks to all who have been visiting and sending such positive feedback!   🙂


PS…  I just installed the same widget for the “Categories” list.

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