Dentaltown Pilgrimage to 3M ESPE!

This weekend, I was among a special group of seven dentists from that was invited up to St. Paul, Minnesota for a meeting with the folks at 3M  ESPE (dental division).  3M ESPE was interested in interfacing with real world dentists to evaluate some of their products and provide feedback.

This was my second time visiting 3M, and I was impressed all over again.  3M is truly an amazing company.  And, the people that represent 3M are stunningly smart.

Left to Right: Dr. Mike Barr, Dr. Tim Goodheart, Jenn Robertson (Gold Dust Dental Lab), Pete Janicki (DentalTown Marketing), Dr. Howard Goldstein, Dr. Mike Colleran, Dr. Rich Rosenblatt, Dr. Tim Burke, Dr. Tom Giacobbi (DentalTown Editor)

Left to right: Drs. Tim Goodheart, Rich Rosenblatt, Mike Barr, and Mike Colleran.

The two days we spent at 3M included a mix of work and play.  We enjoyed presentations by the braniacs intimately involved in developing 3M ESPE products.  We also got hands-on experience with those products including some that haven’t even made it to market, yet.  Very cool stuff!  3M was VERY interested in our feedback and input.  And, it was a very open environment.  We also had a Mythbusters-style “battle of the bonds” where we used different techniques with 3M’s top-secret new bonding agent.  And, then we had an opportunity to test it against other brands.   Last year I won the “gold medal” with the best result.   But, this year, I was knocked off the winner’s podium by Dr. Howard Goldstein.  Lots of laughs and jabs, too, amongst the Dentaltown dentists who are all old friends at this point.

Near to far: Drs. Rich Rosenblatt, Tim Goodheart, Tim Burke, Howard Golstein

Dr. Tom Giacobbi bonding to bovine teeth.

We also got to play with 3M’s newest version of the Lava COS digital impression system.  Very, very cool.  Rather than capture a series of still images, it uses a video capture of the prepared tooth or teeth, the opposing arch, and the bite.

Friday night, we were treated to a baseball game in 3M’s corporate suite.  Watching a game from a catered suite is…. SWEET!  The Minnesota Twins faced the Texas Rangers.  Unfortunately for the Twins fans, they lost 8 – 1.

Rich Rosenblatt, Jenn Robertson, Pete Janicki, and Mike Colleran living large at the 3M suite.

Look at what I found on the back of my ticket!

The food was yummy!

We had a lot of fun, and we learned of the focused commitment 3M ESPE has made to creating the best dental products in the world.  The effort they put into research and development is incredible.  And, the results speak for themselves.  Thanks to Dentaltown and 3M ESPE for inviting me.  It was an honor.  Special thanks to Keith Haig, Peter Golden, John Stefanick, and the rest of the fine people at 3M ESPE!

All but three of the photos provided by Jenn Robertson of Gold Dust Dental Lab.

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7 Responses to Dentaltown Pilgrimage to 3M ESPE!

  1. Waneta Chenault says:

    Mike…very cool opportunity you had at 3M ESPE—grats (and they are fortunate to have the benefit of your input)!

    I’m a “fan” of yours on DT, and now here on The Dental Warrior…I appreciate all the work you put into helping inform other dentists with your skills and knowledge…thanks much!!! (Per your reviews, I am going to get me an iPad and order the Dental Demo Suite GP this weekend and will be looking at the Isolite soon thereafter. I’m an avid rubber dam guru, but I think I’d like to take a serious look at the Isolite—looks like a winner for many circumstances.) 🙂

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks for the nice comments, Waneta! 🙂 Keep me posted on how it goes with the DDS GP (iPad app) and the Isolite.

  2. Truly a great experience with some of the most progressive and truly authentic educators in dentistry!

  3. Jan Frederick says:

    Glad you had fun. Wish I could have been there!

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