I Am at War

I first posted this on Facebook.  I’ve added to it a bit here.  And, I’ve since taken a break from Facebook.  It’s unfortunate that so many mistake their own cognitive dissonance, precipitated by thoughtful posts that contradict their prejudices, for “offense.”  It’s unfortunate that, since they lack the ability to articulate a cogent counter-argument, they strike out by “reporting” me for “offending” them.  I’ve lost a lot of friends over this.

I’m posting and venting about this, because I’m pissed that my own country (and even my own colleagues) are trying VERY HARD to put me out of business.  I also realize that some well-intentioned folks are “worried” about me, because of how I express myself.  Rather strongly, you might say!  😊  I dare suggest that MANY feel exactly as I do.  I just happen to have the balls to say it and the ability to articulate it well.  It’s my super-power!  😉  I’m OK.  But, I don’t care who I “offend” with this screed.

Our country is at war.

This is war.  I am at war.  I really do feel that way.  Not a “shooting war,” mind you.  Not yet.  This isn’t the Persian Gulf in 1990.  But, honestly… it feels worse.  This is much worse.  I wasn’t worried back then.  I knew what I signed up for.  I had an entire Navy battle group around me.  And, I knew that we would kick ass if and when we had to.

Today, I’m at war with the bombardment of negativity about this fucking virus.  It DOMINATES our lives now.  Every waking moment of every single day, with no end in sight.  No glimmer of hope.

I’m at war with the notion that we should ALL shut down, virtually indefinitely… the consequences of which will be FAR worse than the damage caused by the virus.  Well… not actually ALL of us.  The “chosen ones” aka “essential” are exempt.  I’ll touch on that a bit more later.

I’m at war with my own profession.  I have “colleagues” who are publicly jockeying to REPORT any other dentist who dares to see patients in need.  I wish I was kidding.  It’s rampant!

I’m at war with myself… trying to put on a “brave face” and remain “optimistic,” while I can’t ignore the horrific reality before me.  Every day I go home from the office I am fighting the conflict between being “positive” and being “real” with my family.

I’m at war with the attack and infringement of our Constitutional Rights.  It is, perhaps, no coincidence that the ship I served on was the USS Independence.

The 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments are being violated.

I pledged my LIFE to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.  So, yeah…. Serious stuff for me.  The oath I took did not stipulate that I would defend the country, the flag, or any particular piece of land.  Nor did the oath stipulate fealty or obedience to any government official.  It was very simple.  I took an oath to defend the Constitution with my life.  It’s not a ceremonial platitude.  It’s very real.  In the Persian Gulf they made sure the entire crew of my ship had completed their Wills, for that very reason.  Four men died on my ship in the two years I was aboard.

Some of my well-meaning friends have advocated for love and understanding at this time.  And, that’s a nice sentiment.  Really, it is.  I take that to heart and try to work that into the equation.  But I’m not going to defend our Constitutional Rights with love.  The warship that I served on wasn’t the “Love Boat.”  It doesn’t work that way.  And, our Rights are absolutely under attack right now.  Few seem to see it.  Most are oblivious.

I’m baffled at the ease with which the American public rolled over and accepted the infringements of their Rights.  Hell, they’re openly ADVOCATING for the infringements.  Certainly, many of them likely feel (and accept) that our Rights are “temporarily suspended” or “conditional” upon the circumstances.  That is a HUGE mistake.

The new, accepted bigotry.

One that bothers me the most is the public’s embrace of the government-endorsed BIGOTRY that is the classification of people, jobs, and businesses as “non-essential” and “essential.”  How this has gained support just blows my fucking mind.  It is OVERT BIGOTRY.   Some local governments are encouraging citizens to report their “non-essential” neighbors for “violations.”  And, those of you playing along with it should be ashamed.

Here we are, in 2020, and many of you are advocating for the SELECTIVE application of Constitutional Protections based on a nefariously and newly-created SOCIAL CLASS.  Every person, every job, every business is “ESSENTIAL!”  Try changing the words “essential” and “non-essential” to “BLACK” and “WHITE,” or “JEW” and “NON-JEW.”  Yeah, I said it.  Think about it.  “Non-essential”… the new “n-word.”  It’s very disturbing to see this newly-minted form of bigotry so widely accepted and used.

Be VERY careful about being smug and comfortable in your “essential” status, if you have been so chosen.  What tyrants give you, they can take away.  Be very careful about applauding such government-endorsed bigotry.

Our Rights are inviolate!

Our Rights are NOT subject to arguments grounded in social utility.  Our Rights are not conditional upon circumstances or social class.  Ever.  Nor are they subject to the democratic process.  A majority cannot vote away the Rights of a minority or even an individual citizen.

Once you ALLOW your Rights to be subverted, they are gone forever.  You have allowed PRECEDENT.

Until we can ALL live as Free Americans, as guaranteed by the Constitution, this is war.  I’d rather go back to the Persian Gulf than do this.  I’m neither kidding nor exaggerating.  Given a choice, I’d go back to the Persian Gulf any day and twice on Sunday.

My advice at this point:  Run silent.  Run deep.

That is my perspective.  That is my context.  But, I’m OK!  😊  Just sayin’!

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6 Responses to I Am at War

  1. Ken says:

    Agree. I have posted several times on facebook on a fairly well known dental pages that it was my opinion that ALL of this shutting down business was unnecessary and we should have been working from day 1. The most recent was a thread about if anyone knew of any cases of C19 transmission via a dental office.

    I was pounced on immediately and ridiculed and accused of caring about money over lives and other cruel accusations. It’s crazy! Just questioning anything that goes against the social distancing and the virus models given labels one as an idiot or someone against science, etc.

    I think back to 2009-10 when the flu infected 60 million in the US and hospitalized 300,000 and wonder how did we get to this point we are today???

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      I was pretty much asked to leave a big dental group on Facebook. So, I did. My posts were being reported to FB, and the group’s owner worried that FB might shut them down. Mind you, FB did not delete or flag any of my posts. None were censored, which FB is known to do. Whatever. Nobody can censor my blog! 🙂

  2. Linda Curtis says:

    Mike, I absolutely understand your point and agree that it could be a jumping-off point for total government control. I also understand the fear of spreading this virus. I hear quite a few people question the legitimacy of the virulence of COVID 19. A popular question seems to be, “Do you know anyone who has it?” No, I don’t, but does that mean it’s not as bad as it is said to be, or is it being well-controlled by social distancing? So, I feel conflicted, somewhere between your stance and the feeling that social distancing is the right way to go for now. I hate to be wishy-washy because I’m usually not, but this is unprecedented in my lifetime. I support your right to give voice to your point of view and to lose friends because you speak your mind, it should never happen. Keep giving us your point of view, it adds equilibrium to a subject fraught with mistruths and confusion. I’m glad you’re posting here because I have always enjoyed reading your posts

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Hi Linda. Thanks for your comments.

      So, I feel conflicted, somewhere between your stance and the feeling that social distancing is the right way to go for now

      So-called “social-distancing” is fine as long as it’s voluntary. Don’t want to be close to me? Then get out of my way. My 1st Amendment Rights supersede ANY argument grounded in social utility, even if it’s in the name of “public health.” Our Rights are protected by the Constitution, which does not stipulate exceptions. Period. Ever. For ANY of our Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

      The Constitution is a document that does NOT “grant” our Rights. Our Rights are inherent by virtue of our “being.” Constitution EXPRESSLY PROHIBITS the government from infringing those Rights under ANY circumstances.

      So, if someone wants to maintain a 6-ft distance from me… then MOVE. I’m coming through… Because I have that RIGHT, just as you have a Right to be there. But, you don’t have a Right to be free from my presence in public spaces.

  3. Mike, Great perspective. I happen to agree. If. you look at the numbers from the view of our entire population, this not a deadly pandemic.We are operating out of fear. There ae people who are more suseptible. At 77 I am in that group. I really do not see why dentists need to shut down at this point. Protect yourself and team, take an oral hx, check temperature, make a decision as a health care professional to treat or not. Dentist in Oregon are closed until June 15th by order of our governor. At the same time many businesses are open.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks, Bill! Your feedback means a lot!

      I can’t imagine how Oregon dentists are going to be able to hold out until June 15th. That’s crazy. I’m not sure I can old out until May 8th (in Florida), which I fully expect them to extend.

      The re-opening date is not really our problem, though. Whenever they lift the unconstitutional shutdown, our patients will not conveniently forget that they were lied to and told that “going to the dentist is dangerous.” Of course, that was a LIE. But, patients will believe the TV talking heads more than they’ll believe us. THAT is the “gift that will keep on giving” long past the “re-opening” date, I’m afraid.

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