Shout Out for Brasseler

Mike's lab-For longer than I care to admit, my electric lab handpiece has not been working properly.  It wouldn’t grip my lab burs in the chuck firmly in the “locked” position, and the motor would spin while the bur would slip.  In a pinch, I can go to the office next door and use his lab.

Finally, today I called Brasseler to see about getting my handpiece repaired.   The operator transferred me to the service department.  I spoke with a nice gentleman (the name escapes me now) who listened to my description of the issue.  With a friendly southern drawl, he walked me through a VERY simple repair (tightening the chuck).  It worked a charm!  🙂  Burs are now gripped rock-solid!

lab handpiece-

I love my lab! The electric lab handpiece from Brasseler is a workhorse! I highly recommend it.

I’ve always been a Brasseler fan, and I still am.  They offer top-of-the-line products that have never disappointed me.

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  1. I have one of those exact same handpieces in each op! They are work horses!

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