Well, THAT didn’t work!

how-old-mikeWell crap!  At first, I thought this whole “How-Old.net” fad was stupid.  It’s a website where you can upload a photo of your face (or multiple faces), and it will analyze and pin a predicted age on each face.  It’s all over Facebook.  Everyone is doing it.  It was even on the Today Show this morning.

I thought, “Really?  People have time for this shit?  They CARE about this shit?”

Then the light bulb went on!  I thought, “How can I leverage this into marketing for cosmetic dentistry??”  We often talk about how a youthful smile can have a dramatic impact on a person’s appearance.

I thought I’d do an experiment.  First, I’d run a portrait of myself through the How-Old.net analyzer.  Then, I photoshopped a few teeth as missing.  And, then I photoshopped out ALL of my teeth.  I ran those through the analyzer to see if it would make me look older.  Genius!  Right?  Ummm…. NOPE!  It seems How-Old.net digs the toothless smile and made me younger with no teeth!

I got younger with fewer teeth!

I got younger with fewer teeth!

So, what about tooth color?  Will yellow teeth make me older?  Will whiter teeth make me younger?

Hooray!  White teeth shaved off a whole year!

Yellower teeth took THREE years off my original photo.  And, white teeth shaved off another year!

So, my grand experiment and marketing idea didn’t quite work out the way I hoped.  But, the lesson here is to think outside the box.   I hate using that tired phrase.  The idea is to leverage social trends to your marketing advantage.  I will keep trying!

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14 Responses to Well, THAT didn’t work!

  1. Great idea Mike! I’m going to play around with it this weekend.

    At least you have conclusively proven that white teeth make you look younger 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    Well babies don’t have teeth, right? So having a toothless grin could make you look younger like that!

  3. Dennis says:

    Great story! Put a smile (with teeth) on my face.

  4. Tooth Talk says:

    Bahahaha… I like your style Dental Warrior!

    Toothless is in! Teeth are out!

  5. Susan Vadnais says:


    Maybe the app recognizes “photoshopping” and automatically takes years away from anyone over 40 or so. For anyone under 20 or so, it may add a year or two. (Based on human nature, psychology and ego behind obvious photo shopping?) Perhaps you may want to try using real life photos of patients before and after… ? Just a thought.

    • Susan Vadnais says:

      You could try it on a picture of a “kid” and see if photo shopping automatically is interpreted as a couple years older by the app (just for kicks). I’m probably wrong… but it would be fun to see what happens. Would do it myself but I don’t have photo shop.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      I actually had thought of that, Susan. Just hadn’t gotten around to it. It was supposed to be a secret! 😉

      • Susan Vadnais says:

        Looking forward to seeing the results of your research if you decide to check it out further. Based on online comments, the app does not do well with gender and can be way off on age some times (like 50 years off!). Certainly has room for improvement. Interesting though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Susan Vadnais says:

    I am waiting for this to become an app! http://fotoforensics.com/faq.php Would be very useful for consumers.

  7. Jordan says:

    It was a good idea in theory…! Hopefully the next big trend can be something that can work towards marketing. (Maybe something about “that” dress – you can’t tell the difference between gold and black, but your teeth sure can?) Better luck next time!

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Ha! Instead of a dress being perceived as gold or black… Maybe see if people are seeing teeth that are A-1 or B-1? 😉

  8. ellebelle says:

    Totally funny! The only thing I notice in the “yellow” and “bleached” teeth photos is that your buccal corridor has diminished. I am keenly aware of this since I hate my own and will one day veneer my own premolars….eh….maybe….I am not sure I need that kind of a dental commitment right now. But clearly, the site must prize a tooth grin or lack there of at all.

  9. Ken says:

    haha. I guess having a nice teeth will definitely make someone look younger

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