Molon Labe, Bloomberg!

I whipped up this photo in response to New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on big sodas.  He also heads up the Mayors Against Guns (anti-2nd Amendment) group.

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3 Responses to Molon Labe, Bloomberg!

  1. Barnslayer says:

    Just stumbled onto your site while researching curing lights. The Ultradent Valo looks like a good replacement for my now temperamental Optilux 501. thanks for the review!

    As a dentist in NYC and a life member of the NRA (not mutually expclusive) I wanted to give you a cyber salute for your Molon Labe picture.

    • The Dental Warrior says:

      Thanks, Barnslayer! Oh my gosh… how do you reconcile being an NRA member and living in NYC??? 🙂

      My Optilux 501 now serves “lab duty.” I really like the Valo curing light.

      • Barnslayer says:

        I commute into the city from Long Island. Although it’s not exactly 2nd Amendment-friendly here it’s way better than in the land of Bloomberg. I guess I should get the Optilux repaired once I get the Valo.

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