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Keeping Up With the Greenbergs

It’s been a while since I’ve written, as I have been busy and rather uninspired.  But, two days ago, I was interviewed on Howard Farran’s podcast.  It was me… one-on-one with Dr. Howard Farran, the founder of DentalTown.  And, let … Continue reading

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Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to pet strange puppies.

Have you REALLY taught your children to not talk to strangers? There is a video making the rounds on Facebook intended to illustrate how many children, despite being taught not to talk to strangers, will take the hands of strangers … Continue reading

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Lethal Force – But, he wasn’t armed!

Disclaimer:  I am not a lawyer.  Use the following information at your own risk.  I have studied this topic extensively.  But, that doesn’t make me an official authority.  Do your own homework / research.  I’ve linked to an excellent book … Continue reading

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Are You A Dentist or THE Dentist?

Seems like a strange question at best and an ego-driven rhetorical question at worst, right? Mandelbaum!  Mandelbaum!  Mandelbaum! “So, you think you’re better than me?” I couldn’t help working in a Seinfeld reference! What do I mean by the title … Continue reading

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Do You Have the Balls to Be Great?

This is another quick and dirty post inspired by a discussion in a Facebook group.  The group is based on the idea of having a FFS (fee for service) practice by design.  One member was concerned about the FFS business … Continue reading

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Higher MPG Cars = Higher Costs! What??

Happy New Year! And, now for something completely different on the first day of 2015.  I just LOVE (I really do) blowing widely-held “conventional wisdom” out of the water with FACTS.  I write mostly about dentistry and firearms on this … Continue reading

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REAL Dental Warrior – Dr. McBadAss, WW2 Medal of Honor Recipient!

I just learned about U.S. Army dentist, Captain Ben L. Salomon.  And, wow!  What a story! Dr. Ben L. Salomon was drafted into the Army in World War II.  He ended up as a front-line surgeon.  That’s right… in war … Continue reading

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Mr. & Mrs. America… You Are Being Ripped Off!

Check this out:  Obamacare pays for dental clinic for uninsured Obamacare built a 6,000 sq. ft. clinic to house only 10 dental chairs in New Jersey (big surprise).  And, they’re PROUD of it.  That’s a CRAZY waste of space.  Ten … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Evil Plan?

If everyone is zigging, should you be zagging? I just finished reading a book, “Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination,” by Hugh Macleod.  It reminded me of a thought that occasionally percolates in my brain.  What … Continue reading

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Why Can’t the ADA Be More Like the NRA?

I’ve been a member of both.  I’m now only a member of one… the NRA.  I quit the ADA several years ago.  I recognize that some of my readers may not identify or agree with the NRA, in particular.  But, … Continue reading

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